Getting BACK into flashlights

Yo! I’ve been out of the hobby for a while because of life stuff that made me lose interest. Recently got back into it and I hope to stay now.

Just got a D4K in antique copper with 3500k 519a emitters a few days ago, and I’m thinking of trying to mod one of my Convoys soon. Also got a Nichia Wizard Pro which I really like. I want to get more high CRI stuff, and maybe more alternative metal stuff.

My interests are getting to the point where I can’t really find exactly what I want, so I’m gonna have to result to modding, and that’s gonna be a whole new rabbit hole.

[EDIT] I also want to attempt to learn some basic pcb design because I think it would be awesome to make a driver. If anyone has any resources for learning, I’d certainly appreciate it! I know almost nothing about it as of now.

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Welcome back!

When time allows, I’d like to dip my toe a little further into the modding waters by building one of these simple drivers:

Might be a an easy place to start in terms of understanding one of the simpler circuits, and assembling small surface mount components.

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

Do it!

Modding is the rabbit hole you suspect but rewarding and fun if you do it right. Also incredibly frustrating if you do it right too :smile: (Or is that if you do it wrong, i never can tell!)

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Welcome back! We look forward to seeing some mods :slight_smile:

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That looks like a great starting point, thanks I’m going to look into that later!

Also thanks ya’ll for the warm welcome I’ll post if I make anything interesting :slight_smile: