Getting into the Thrunite Archer 1AV3

Hi all,

I have been trying to get into my thrunite archer after it died on me. (my fault entirely).
So far I have gotten the head off of the battery tube, and removed the reflector. I also managed to damage the leads running to the LED so I have cut them to make access easier, seeing as they will need replacing anyway. This has left me with one small part, which contains the driver. There are holes in the shelf that the LED sat on, which I have used to try and unscrew the driver, but I have since realised that the shelf is a part of the tube and cannot be removed. I have taken some pictures which you can see here. Any suggestions from those more informed about the construction of flashlights would be hugely appreciated as I would really love to bring this light back from the dead. I am willing to try most things seeing as it isn’t going to get any more dead.

I am looking forward to hearing some ideas :smiley:

It is glued in. Use the force.

The force worked. lol. No obvious faults with the driver though, I wonder if I could buy a replacement driver from Thrunite?