Give a little back, show your appreciation for a great member

Old lumens isn’t only the soul of BLF, the godfather of light modding, the Maestro of file work and grand pimp of maglites, he also happen to be an incredibly generous man with both his time and money, he gave away an insane number of flashlights and other items, treated us with countless modding threads and never kept a secret in the process spoiling us with the fruits of his ingenuity.

As you may know he is in trouble actually finding a job due to his age, as a man of many ressources he decided to create his own work and make good use of his great talent by offering customized lights and knives.

Thing is, he doesn’t have a lathe wich is perhaps the most usefull tool for a light modder, even if OL is renowned for being a human lathe, able to replicate lathe work with a few hand tools this really doesn’t compute with business where time is money.

Here is your opportunity to give back a little, let’s chip in and set the man up with a lathe suitable for his needs, that is a lathe in the 12” category at least, we probably need north of 2500$ (remains to be seen, something practical is required as there are a few constraints, we’ll advise)

If you wish to donate please say so below (you don’t have to tell how much you intend to pledge), this thread is just to raise awareness for the cause and assess our striking force, donations will probably go directly to a senior USA member of BLF, i’ll keep you updated about how to proceed.

This is happening !!!
Vestureofblood started a thread with all the info you need to donate, please go to this thread , THX !

I’d be down to help out :smiley:

Admin sticky this please.

I’d doubt he would approve of this, but if he gives the nod I will be happy to help out of course

That’s why i made this thread, it’ll never happen if we wait for his approval, i’m ready to get my ass kicked eventually.

Well the Acebeam GB thread was sticked for months on end…

I'm in.

i am in for the giveitback !

to spice it up (and give OL the chance to “not take it without a service in return“)

the first lights he builds with the lathe shall be givrn to one of the donors (regardless of the height of the donation)

Being one of those oldies (age wise that is) and having benefited from his generosity, count me in for, unfortunately, a small amount, not as a donation but as a thank you :beer:

Cheers David

Edit, and thank you JamesB for doing this.

I would suggest someone (well known, trustable, long time member) in the US receiving the funds, so they can forward the funds as a gift to the seller.

Although not an oldie around here, I'm willing to help Old Lumens :)

Maybe use a crowdfunding website?

Sucks to hear this….Subscribed.

Great idea. As one being unemployed for 4+ months, I can understand the frustration and stress.

I'd be happy to chip in what I can.

See, that’s the very reason why I have a problem with this. The very reason.

I absolutely never intended for anything like this to happen and I am Not special. I am no more special than anyone here, or anyone else in the world. Never have been, never will be. I'm just me, that is all. Others here and millions of others in the world are so much worse off than I. I count my blessings no matter what, because we, (my wife and I), have a home that is paid for and we are getting by best we can. I never for a moment thought of, or intended anything like this to happen. Giving to others in this forum has never been something I thought about. I just did it and never thought about anything in return, it was just my way. It's very humbling and very difficult to recieve instead of to give, I will let it run it's course for only one reason and that is because I do understand that others also feel the need to give. As RBD said, for his own karma. I guess that sums it up, but I just don't want it to get out of hand. I could not set up a big lather in my garage. For one thing, my lovely wife would never understand and she comes first. For another thing, I don't want issues in our small 50+ community, about others complaining about a guy working at home and a lathe sitting on the garage floor would be a dead giveaway, LOL. I need to keep the peace at home. It needs, no matter what, to be a table top sized lathe and one that will run on a 110v plug in source. That's all I will say, except to say that this is a very humbling thread and I'm staying out of it from here on.


We are working on a GIFT, something we can give to you, as a token of appreciation.
No bad feelings.No need to give anything back.
Justin to help you out, as well as your wife.. Give her the care she needs, and hopefully (when this succeeds) you can give her more than you could do without a lathe. (more time, better care)

I know its more humbling to receive than to give.

I hope we will never expect you to use the lathe for us. Just use it as you wish.

OK, OL is not reading anymore, so lets get this rolling

any close friend of OL that wants to help out, and receive the funds???.. even if we can`t get the desired amount to buy a table top lathe, it would be nice to send him the total amount to his paypal! and he can do with it whatever he wants. Buying a bunch of flowers for his wife (if she likes flowers). a new toilet seat, a cat, a hair dryer,toilet paper, nail clippers, pink underwear. uhmmm sorry.

I am in, let me know when and where…

I would say that tabletop sized is an ambiguous term. My 10x20 would easily mount to a well built 4’x2’ table with sufficient strength, but most people wouldn’t call it a tabletop machine. I think a quality 10x20, or 12x24 would be a good candidate. Go much smaller and turning bezels and heads would be a PITA.

I can kick in a bit for this. I think the value to us of keeping him focused on lights is easy to justify.

Im not doing it for OL, Im doing so his wife gets peace while hes out there. :bigsmile:

I’ve never bought a light from Justin, however as a relatively new enthusiast (I never got into incan/halogen/HID) I can see he is revered somewhat as a for-father for modding. With good reason too, I have utmost respect for someone that can turn out the pieces he does with hand tools. As for making money out of it?? I agree he needs a lathe. I will contribute :santa:

joking on:

oh, and for "members for giveaways", you are more than welcome to enter this GB twice ;)

joking off: