GiveAway CLOSED January 1, 2015 Eneloop AA 8-pack Forest Tones (Camo colors) winner drawn

  • What?

1*pack of 8 AA eneloop Forest Tones

  • Who?

Any member that has signed up to BLF before December 1st 2014 and *who likes eneloops ;)

  • When?

Now.... until the end of the year (will use to draw the winner sometime around new years eve/day)
You`ll have enough time to participate.. I will ship them in the 1st or 2nd week of 2015
little edit here: Please only post once, and your post number will be your # for the draw.

  • How?

Just post: I want them!

  • Where?

What where? Uhmmm. As long as I can send them to you by economy airmail.

Economy airmail is available for North America, Western Europe, Oceania, and some Asian countries

if you are not sure,just PM me

This is what you get.. only available to the Japanese market, since November 2014!

Good luck!

PS.I`m thinking about doing a special sale on these batteries as well. Kind of a like a Group Buy... More on this later in a new thread.

THE qualifyied WINNER IS post 206; AlexGT


PM inbound

For people who like eneloops, and want a special deal, I will be having a 1 time special on the Eneloop Forest tones.. starting from today... I will open a new thread soon

I want them!

wow wow!

I love eneloop… too much!


I Want Them

Thanks for doing this and a Merry Christmas to all :slight_smile:

I want them!

Very nice giveaway. Merry Christmas!

I want them!

Never enough Eneloops, I’m in 0:)
Thankssss ChibiM!!!

I wants them!
Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the giveaway, ChibiM!

I want them!

I want them too, Merry Christmas!!!

I want them! Thank you.

The only thing better than Zwarte Piet not taking me away for being naughty would be to win camo Eneloops… of course I want them!

Merry CHRISTmas, kids!

Sure, I want them!

Thank you :santa: for a giveaway!

I WANT them. :smiley:

Thanks, and a Merry Christmas to all!

I want them!

Gifting to friends if I win. :slight_smile:

I want them!

I want them! Thanks and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Wow, I want them!

Oh goody…I’m in!

I Want Them!
Happy Christmas~

I want them
Merry Christmas Chibim

“I want them!”

Who doesn’t love more eneloops! Camo too? wowzas!

Merry Christmas all!