Giveaway - Courtesy of Tmart USA. - TangsFire TS-3T6 (TK-70 Clone) The winner is, was, still is.....

Better Late than Never??? Sorry, It's been one Hell of a week around here!

The Winner is:



I am giving away the TangsFire I just got. Tmart sent it to me for Review, but they knew I would be giving it away.

I want to state up front: YOU pay the Shipping.

My Apologies, but it's going to be too much for me to take the hit myself.

The light weighs in at 3 pounds wrapped to ship. It's just a tad heavy!

Here's the shipping prices for the CONUS, HI, CA and for International.

  • USA USPS Priority Insured is $15 USD
  • USA USPS To Hawaii Insured is $18 USD
  • USPS To Canada First Class International is $22 USD
  • USPS To the Rest of the World - International Airmail is $32 USD


You get the light in the original box. I modded the leds onto Copper stars and used heavier wires. It also comes with a sleeve for using 18650 batteries.

This giveaway is open to any member that joined on or before 10-20-2013

The Giveaway ends on 10-24-2013. I will use to pick a winner sometime during the day of 10-24-2013.

I want to sincerely thank Tmart for this all happening. I never would have been able to afford this light myself. Now I have gotten to review it, play with it, mod it, (well a tiny mod it is) and I still get to give it away to someone else. Thank You Tmart.

I’m in!

Count me in, Justin! Thank you, Tmart for this opportunity!

I’m in. Thanks O-L! I need to buy some LiFeP04 26650s for this if I win.

In for that beast!

Way in!

Count me in :wink: Would love to own this light!

I am in, looks fun … J) :party:

woo hoo another BLF giveaway… count me in! :beer: :smiley:

Thanks. Count me in


In please!

Definitely in, thanks.

I’m so in! thanks O-L!

And I’m only in San Marcos….If we get a clever system of levers and pulleys, you could probably throw the thing to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice giveaway. Thanks Tmart and OL. Count me in.

I’m in…Thanks O-L & Tmart.

Thanks for the chance OL, and I’d be happy to pay the shipping.

Count me in….Thanks!

You kind, generous man! :heart_eyes: Yes please, I’d like to enter the contest! As if I needed an excuse to buy more 26650’s, but…oh well.

I’m in over my head