***Giveaway ended*** modded Camo Mini-MagLite

Ok boys and girls. Up for grabs is a modded Camo Mini-MagLite. The head has been bored out to accept a P60 pill without reflector, design took from Match’s 15min mini mag build. The 1 mode driver’s output is roughly 600mA at 1.5V to 1.2A at 4.2V. That means it’ll accept 2 AA alkalines, 2 AA NiMH, or 1 LiOn battery. I’ll even throw in an AA sized spacer if you should choose to use a lithium 14500. A Carlco 20 degree frosted TIR lens replaces the stock plastic reflector. The LED is nothing special but an XPG R5 1A and puts out a very even spill.

I built quite a few of these for my hunting buddies and sell them on the side. They like to use it around the camp-site and one of them tucks it under his cap above his ear and uses it like a headlight for close up work.

Why am I doing this giveaway? I like to give back to the BLF community from whom I have taken so much

What’s included? 1 modded Mini-Maglite (camo) + holster + AA spacer (I’ll pay for shipping domestic or international)

Who’s eligible? Any BLF’ers who is not a douche~!

Just reply to this thread and I’ll choose a winner Saturday, September 28th.

Good luck~!


(Edit - September 17, 2013)

Quite a few of you have reached out to me about purchasing these torches. While I appreciate you taking an interest in my little torches, I like to say that I am only selling these flashlights locally to avoid the horrendous shipping costs and because I'm just plain lazy.

I'm sure there are many BLF'rs here that would or can make them for you. So for those modders that are willing to make one of these for our fellow BLF'rs, please feel free to post a reply in this thread.



(Edit - September 28, 2013)

winners picked in post 156 & 157

Thanks for the giveaway, looks great!

I’m in, looks great!

I’m in, thanks :slight_smile:

I am in. I had a good laugh from your “Who’s eligible”. Thanks

looks nice, i’m in!

Thanks and count me in.
I like the xp-g.

Nice lights! :beer:
Thanks for the giveaway Bigwood.

I hope I’m eligible,
my mom said I’m not a douche. :slight_smile:

i’d like to be in, my douche status is undetermined though. …

thanks and congrats in advance to the winner.

I’m in, thanks!

Hey those look light great little builds !

Please count me in !! :beer:

I think I qualify and I’d be honored to participate. Thanks for your generosity!

Count me in please! Thanks for the giveaway.

Please include me regardless of how people view me .

I love those 2xAA pouches too

nice giveaway !


Please count me in !!!

Thank you

Thanks for the giveaway. I’ll mod it some more, if I get my hands on it :smiley:

TY for doing this!

I hope I qualify for this, this is the first giveaway I’ve entered for ages :slight_smile:

count me in :slight_smile: