[Giveaway] Fake large Sebenza *****We have a winner****

Giving away this fake stonewashed blade large sebenza, although it has slight marks on it i haven’t used this one, it came to me like this from the seller.

This one is my last fake knife so no more fake knife giveaway after that, time to garner the rabbit foot, horseshoe and whatever have you.

To enter the giveaway you must be a BLF member since at least a week at the date of this post.

The giveaway will end the 28 of january around 23:00 UTC+1

Winner will be picked using random.org based on the number of the post, please post only once or you’ll be disqualified.

Here is the knife:

Good luck !

Update 01/28/2013 23:16 UTC+1 :

Giveaway is now over.

The winner courtesy of random.org is N°67 Raccoon city

Congrats Raccoon city! you probably know the drill, pm address etc…

Thanks guys for entering, this has been fun.

I'm in.

Third time’s a charm? Thanks again!

Thanks for another great giveaway JamesB!

I am in four.

I’m in! Thanks!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Lucky seven (I hope) woohoo I’m in. Thank you JamesB

I’m in, thanks!

I’m in. Thank you!


I’m In!

Great looking knife!!!
I’m All In :slight_smile:

Nice offer—-

I cannot refuse, i am in!!

Thank you James…one more time :slight_smile:

Ooooh! A fake Sebbie. I’m in.

i’m in ty!


Thank you JamesB(ond)!

Count me in too, and thanks again!