Giveaway: Rider RX 7075-AL AA/14500 EDC Flashlight with Fidget

no Acebeams yet but E70 is one i would buy as a first.

My favorite is the K75 :smiling_imp:

Maybe I’ll get it one day

The X50 high CRI is my dream torch.

SS E70 with high CRI (4500K) is my favorite. It looks like a light saber.

E70 looks really nice.

Glad to read about moddability. :slight_smile:
And nice that you liked the UI as well but for me it is way from Andruil. :slight_smile:

Favorite Acebeam? Probably the X50.Can't say no to 45,000 lumens.

I’ve only recently dived down the Rabbit hole that is personal lighting.

ACEBEAM seems to be very well regarded and I’d love the opportunity to try this model :slight_smile:

I’ve watched a few people play with this model and it looks very unique

I've been observing Acebeam's lineup for some time now and I must say, it's always top-shelf in terms of quality, driver efficiency and performance.

As to my favourite model, I'm a big fan of the Acebeam E70. Great 21700 EDC flashlight with a interesting take on the UI and very high maximum brightness. I definitely recommend anyone interested in this model to also watch the Lux Wad's review on Youtube, it's really well done.

i quite like the l19 2.0, with the green emitter is gets really good throw without being too bulky

My favorite so far is the X50 2.0, it just turns night to day in my backyard.

Here is a video I took of it: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Havnt got an acebeam yet but the E70 looks very nice and would probably be my favourite

X50 2.0 World’s First PD Power Bank Brightest Flashlight—Illuminates the world

:white_check_mark: 45,000 lumen turbo is an intense amount of power and easy to carry for long search and rescue.
:white_check_mark: 60W Quick Charge USB-C Recharging offers a full battery in just less one hour.
:white_check_mark: 7 brightness modes plus strobe gives user options and self-defense.
:white_check_mark: Temperature overheat protection and detachable handle for increased protection.
:white_check_mark: The perfect first choice for outdoorsmen,cave explorer,campers and farm owners.
:white_check_mark: No.1 hot seller brand in the flashlight category on Douyin(Named Tiktok).

H30 My favourite light

Not owning any ACEBEAM lights, the fidget bit surely would drive my GF nuts.

x50 for sure

Rider RX 7075-AL would be my favorite.

Thank you for organizing the giveaway

K75 is fav, owned an L19, was great thrower shouldn’t have sold it, RX is a good light and the only acebeam I currently own.

I really love my E70-cu, and am looking forward to the E70 mini!

X50 2.0 High CRI is the Acebeam light I wish I had.