Giveaway: Rider RX 7075-AL AA/14500 EDC Flashlight with Fidget

I would love to have an Acebeam L35.

H30 would be nice


I like copper TK16

I like the X50. Thanks for the GAW Acebeam!

I really like K75 model. Thanks!

I too like the K75.

Tk16 is nice, thanks for the GAW.

I like the E70 mini. Nice and compact.

I like Acebeam H10

My favorite Acebeam light is the K70.

I don’t own an acebeam light but would like to


I like the E70 with GT-FC40.

I’m very much looking forward to receiving the E70 Mini

I have the E10 with green LED, but the ACEBEAM model I like the most (but do not have) is the X50 2.0 High CRI LED Photography Fill Light!

My PT10-GT with the 219c. I am a technician who works on CNC machines so I use my light in the dark recesses of machines every day. The hi CRI really helps in electrical cabinets where wire colors matter. It’s also fun to see my light own all those Streamlight pen lights I see guys using. My PT10-GT has been through it’s share of drops and submerges in cutting oil and it never quits. I should by a second one in case I ever loose mine.

E70 Mini Hi CRI looks amazing, I think that is my favorite.

Daily Carry E70 and for Camping L19

I’d say X50 2.0 high CRI