Giveaway: Rider RX 7075-AL AA/14500 EDC Flashlight with Fidget

H30 super headlamp

Acebeam E70-Titanium Stonewash XHP70.2

I like the E70 mini

The Acebeam Rider RX14500 with the Nichia LED is my favorite. :+1:

i was very tempted by e70 on sale!
wish to own an acebeam one day! :slight_smile:

Would love to see a titanium E70 mini
I think the E70 would be great with XHP70.3 HI or 50.3 Hi

E70 mini with 519a

I remember wanting the K40 ages ago, always fancied ACEBEAM.
Thanks for the GAW

I am interested in the bk30 sin on the site there is very little information both on the flashlight and on the battery pack.

I think the Acebeam L19 is a lot of fun.

TK16 was a great flashlight ,thanks for the giveaway!

Acebeam tk16, such an amazing light and so small

The K75 looks awesome.

I’m an AA/14500 addict. So of course the acebeam M10 is my favorite, Hoping to add the rider rx to my collection!

My favorit is the E70 mini.

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So if you want a chance to win, we need ‘44’ more people to post.

Keep the thread on the front page, and we can do it.

Many thanks Acebeam, The M10 is my favorite Acebeam.

Thanks for the giveaway! I’d really like a W30 one day. So I’ll go with it.

Love the TK16 Copper, I prefer a flashlight with a “little weight” so I can still feel it in my pants pocket.

My faves are the UC15 and TK16 (in SST-20).

My favourite is the RX Rider titanium, got to love Ti. Im in.