*Giveaway* RovyVon Keychain Lights. *Winners are picked* See OP

Alright, Random.org picked 4 winners and here they are in the order they were drawn. First winner gets first choice. As I get the PM’s with the choice I will post which ones are available to the next winner. No PM from the winners in 7 days and I will draw a new number.

79. Man Without Shadow……Chose the black Ti one. Now Boaz’s choice.
99. Boaz…Chose the Blue Stainless.
70. Raccoon City…Got the Red Aluminum.
125. Illumenated….Got the grey poly one.

Guys and girls I was a day late on getting them in the mail but they are all wrapped and packed, ready for the post office in the morning. I will be PM’ing you with tracking numbers as soon as I get them.

The folks at RovyVon were nice enough to send me some of their key chain lights for a giveaway. They sent me 4 lights, 3 for the giveaway and 1 to keep for myself. Well I already have one that I bought and did a review on a month back, so, I am going to throw mine into the giveaway as well. I think they are great little key chain lights and after a month of them being abused in my pocket are still holding up just fine.

So, onto the 4 lights. The first on is Aurora A1 it is a grey composite bodied light. The A2 is blue in stainless steel. The A3 is the red in aluminum. Last but not least is the A4 in black titanium, a lot like a black chrome, real nice looking. it even has a blue and green trit already installed in the slots near the key ring hole.

RovyVons website is www.rovyvon8.com if you would like more information than what is printed on the back of the box. Or you can check out my earlier review. Their Amazon site is https://www.amazon.com/s?marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A2W40SQ3H7Q35D&merchant=A2W40SQ3H7Q35D&redirect=true

RovyVon only ask for a honest review after receiving your light and getting to use it. They would prefer a review left on their Amazon site as that is the place they do most of all of their marketing at the moment. I know giveaways shouldn’t have a requirement to do extra things or visit extra sites so this isn’t a requirement. They just hope you will like their light enough to give it a honest review and hopefully turn on some other friends, family, and flashaholics to these little lights.

I will let this giveaway run for two weeks. Just want to let some of the folks who don’t get to check in as often a chance to get in on this one. Only rule is you have to be a member before this date and time. So Friday August 3rd at 1500 CST the giveaway will end and I will use Random.org to draw the winners. 1st winner gets first choice of light, 2nd winner second choice and so on.

RovyVon has also express some serious interest in doing a group buy sometime soon. Of course another thread will be created for that once I get some more details from them.

Good luck everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Just post “I’m In” and you are in.

I’m in.

I’ll be in as well
Thanks for the Giveaway

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I’m In, looks like a cool little light.

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Thanks toddcshoe and RovyVon for the giveaway!

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