Giveaway SRK Three Toroid Driver - The Winner IS......


Since I am modding another SRK, I don't need the driver, so someone here can be the new owner.

Anyone who has joined BLF on or before 4-1-2013 can enter. Just make a post here and you are "in to win"! Your post number is your ticket. I will draw on

I will draw the winner on Sunday 5-5-2013 sometime during the day, so you got a few hours to enter. EDIT: Since No one has posted here since Thursday, I am going to end the giveaway on Saturday instead of Sunday. I

think everyone has probably seen it by now and it's probably been long enough.



texaspyro it's yours. Drive over and pick it up!Tongue Out

(I will ship on Monday)

Have fun!

I am in

I’m sure that I could find a use for that driver, thanks for the chance to win…

in to win! This driver could be great for a 4C Mag Triple XM-L…just sayin’

Just in

Yeah, I could have many possibilities for that driver, I have several projects going at lots of different homes… :bigsmile:

Thanks for Keeping Up Tradition… :party:

Many thanks Justin, My slobbering iron and I are in…

I actually need that driver bad! I sure hope I win it! :bigsmile:

Count in Bort

I am in to win this piece of tech :D

You’re the King of Giveaways too. Thank you for your generosity. I’m in to win too.

Not only do I want it, I need it! Please count me in.

I’m in!

Thank you,

Me Me Me Pleasey. I’ma inna toa winna.

hi Justin, please count me in and thanks!

I need an extra driver for new lumens.

I have the new revision driver in my SRK, so I could definitely use the old one so I can burn my hand.

in for the win

Im in!
I would always find a nice home for it!