Giveaways : Am I the only one...

to think that all those nice GAW should be closed to new members, or members with 20 posts which are only GAW participation ?
IMHO these contests are a nice part of this forum and maybe I’ll do one myself…but I can’t stand people who just post in GAW topics and that you had never heard of before…
Maybe it’s just me, but I want to know your opinion

Just make some rules in your GAW to avoid it.
“must be BLFer before today is one that we see a lot (yet amonth coule be done too or ”you must have done at least one review” “you must have answered a question for help at least once”
OR HEY this one is good:
“Winners post history is looked over and if more then 10% of them is for joining a GAW this means disqualification.”

Yeah I agree with that, and if I do a GAW one day I’ll make it specific…
Avoiding that is easy, I just wanted to debate about the average feeling/opinion on that point

When I see a new rson say “I’m in” I assue he/she was long time lurker and frequent BLF visitor before.
Good that a GAW made him/her actually create an account.
But I must say I do not follow up so don’t know how much are actually getting involved in more topics.

The minimum number of required post’s is always a good idea.

I decided some time ago that I would only enter a competition if I really wanted the prize in question and I would make good use of it.

It’s my opinion that you shouldn’t enter if you have plenty of money to buy them yourself and you already have a sizeable collection especially if it’s a personal giveaway. I’m sure Old Lumens mentioned something like that in a giveaway of his a couple of month’s ago.

There was a thread awhile back about people who literally ONLY EVER posted in GAW threads. And there are some members that post mainly in GAW threads, and rarely might have something else to say besides “I’m In.” I think those people are abusing the generosity of this forum. But, it is up to the person giving stuff away to decide who will qualify for their GAW. If you know those people are around, and you don’t mind them getting a chance to receive from your giveaway, then that’s your choice. I don’t take the time to search out anyone’s history when I do a GAW. I take whoever enters. But, maybe I should start checking…

I have mixed feelings about the “new” members whose first post is to join a GAW. The Miller made the point that they may have been lurkers for a while before joining BLF in order to post in a GAW. Well, that’s a nice thought. And for some, it might be true. And if they then become contributing members, even if their contribution is just to ask questions or share their opinion on stuff, then they’re welcome here. But, in the back of my mind, there’s also the thought that if they didn’t see any value in joining until there’s a GAW that they’re interested in, then maybe they don’t really belong here. I usually will limit my GAW’s to members who joined no later than “yesterday”.

I am to lazy to enter most comps because they make you fill out forms and what are the chances of winning?

Other than join date and number of posts, the other requirements mentioned are either subjective or difficult/tedious to enforce.

Also, number of posts requirement may not be reflective of how much contribution one makes to BLF. Some people don’t like to talk(post) much, but when they do, it might be of great importance or benefit to others. Then there are those who post a lot but … You get the idea.

I think it all just comes back to the rules created when the GAW is started. I mean, why not have a giveaway where you can only enter if you post a small video of yourself doing a handstand for 10 seconds whilst eating a pb&j sandwich listening to Bruce Springsteen or something like that. The sky really is the limit and that’s how you filter the people who you want to enter and those you don’t.

Yeah, I’m planning for my next giveaway (will likely be a while) but I’ve already decided to add a disclaimer:

“Giveaway spammers will be berated and excluded from drawing.”

It’s easy enough to look up a winner’s post history, and if it looks like this:

I’m in!
I’m in!
In! Thanks for the giveaway!
I’m in…
Thanks for the opportunity, great giveaway! I’m in!
I’m in!

Then most definitely:

Why not just filter the person you want to win instead?

In my view it doesn’t have to always be - it could be a request for a joke or an interesting quote or who posts the nicest pic of their pet or whatever? In that way, it becomes entirely subjective to the one holding the GAW and is ultimately their choice. I, for one, wouldn’t begrudge someone winning that way.

I like join date/number of posts. And since the member offering something can be ‘subjective’, he can always skim through history to disqualify those members here only to abuse the generosity of others.
It is just not right for other contributing members (reviews, any posts requesting advice/info, groupbuys etc) to be undercut by those cheap only posting to get freebies.

Just my 0.01 lumens as you would say :wink:

I don’t enter giveaways. I don’t think being overbearing on who can enter is the answer. That new member could be a great contributer to this wonderful form. Or could be a shlub trying to cop a free light…… Let your conscience be your guide.

Then there are those giveaways that require a “Like” on Facebook or Instagram.
Are they a true act of generosity, or just a solicitation for “Likes”?

I’m in

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I have seen other giveaways where comments about your favorite and/or least favorite light and why. If it is a manufacturer giveaway they can get some objective info at the least. If it was a private giveaway maybe asking for a tip or trick learned to share with others…These at least require some effort to participate…

Please do not regulate what is not absolutely necessary! Otherwise BLF might end up like the German TLF, an overregulated place full of must nots and do nots and have tos.

Well, that might just be because it’s German.

I’ve put an entry into a handful of giveaways since I made my account. I generally follow a few guidelines. (I’m in no way suggesting others should do it this way, only my thoughts)

1. I will only enter if the prize is something that I would truly covet.

2. Only US based giveaways are entered (unless I make a mistake). I don’t think it’s fair for the kind folks giving things away to have to cover international shipping.

3. I only enter for private member giveaways as I feel the commercial sellers only do it for free advertising space. I don’t condemn their methods however I would personally rather not participate.

As for having a set of guidelines that must be followed I do not agree. The person/company offering the giveaway should have complete discretion as to who can enter and how they run it. I’m sure most commercial contest much prefer mass numbers than just those loyal few.


If I want to offer a giveaway that is only for people from Texas or specify that entrants must have been a member for at least 40 years, or be named “Fred Turnip”, that’s my option. I’ll run mine how I like, and how I like is to publicly shame giveaway spammers… }D

When I first joined CPF and later BLF, I was surprised and delighted that folks were giving valuable flashlights away for free, and I could just join and have a chance too. I loved that, it added to the notion that the place was friendly, and it helped me stick around.

So I think it is important that newcomers are often welcomed to join giveaways, even when risking that a giveaway-only-member will win the light.

Besides, who will enjoy a real BLF-approved flashlight more than a beginning flashaholic :slight_smile: