【Giveaways】Cyansky P25 V2.0 flashlight Micro-arc Oxidation version is coming!

Hello, guys.

Cyansky P25 V2.0 outdoor flashlight Micro-arc Oxidation Version is available today!

:???: What is micro-arc oxidation?

Micro-arc oxidation (MAO) is also known as micro-plasma oxidation. In the process of micro-arc oxidation, the base metal reacts vigorously with oxygen ions and electrolyte ions under the joint action of thermochemistry, electrochemistry, and plasma chemistry, undergoing melting, eruption, crystallization, and high-temperature phase change process, and finally fusing on the crystal surface and sintering to form the ceramic layer.

The ceramic layer has a dense structure, good toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature impact resistance, and electrical insulation properties.

In general, flashlights treated with micro-arc oxidation are more resistant to wear and corrosion than hard anodizing.

:???: What about the product?

Product features:
All-metal design.
Micro-arc oxidation surface treatment
White light multi-mode design
ECO/Strobe/SOS mode
Wider angle floodlight
Max. 3600 lumens & 208 meters
Tactical Double Switch
Intelligent temperature control
Power indicator
Memory function
IPX8 waterproof, 2 meters impact resistance.
Working temperature: –30℃ to 50℃.

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We will offer a 15% discount to the BLFers of this product. Limited quantity, while stocks last.
The discount is valid from now until July 27.

:???: Review:
Check the review by FLASHAHOLIC


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WOW, what a beautiful light! :heart_eyes:

Good morning,
Is it possible to obtain particular colors with this treatment, or is it only available in white?
Is the thermal dissipation better with this treatment or with anodization?
I’d like to win the givaway to review this product in Italian on cpfitaliaforum. Unfortunately the reviews in my native language are not many so it would be an opportunity to make this flashlight known.
I would post my review in English here on this forum as well as I have done in the last few days.

Wow what a cool finish!

High tech flashlight.

Who knows what technology we are going to have on flashlights on the future.

I like this one very much!!

I like.

Thanks for the GAW

In keeping with Le Tour that's being raced at the moment, I'm calling this flashlight Cyansky's

Arc de Triomphe

Man that’s a fantastic finish!

I wonder if the flashlight accepts an unprotected flat top 21700 cell. :nerd_face:

@cyanskiflashlight, I have an interesting business proposition for you for this flashlight.

I’ll DM you for more details :smiley:

I like that MAO is coming out strong between flashlight manufacturers! Seems like a good thing and can’t wait to get my hands on it for the first time.

MAO seems to be the new favorite coating. I’d like to try such a light sometime.

The XHP 70 is very floody in such a small reflector. Any plans for a smaller LED with more throw?

And thanks for the giveaway!

I like this model but I don’t understand why force the use of batteries with button top.

Anyway, it would be interesting to have an official runtimes with stepdowns.

I really like this MAO coating. Does it affect the heat dissipation of the flashlight towards the environment, the user’s hand?

Would anybody buy light bulbs for their bedroom or house without knowing what the color temperature of the bulbs are? Or what the CRI rating is? We need manufacturers to start coughing this information up without having to ask.

Very nice option.

Thanks for the giveaway, Cyanskyflashlight! The materials science of MAO is a most interesting part of this light.

Agreed that CCT and CRI info really should be published prominently.

That’s a nice looking light.

Nice finish!!


Interesting light! I love the finish, but also wonder if it can come in other colors. As to the emitter, what is the CCT and CRI… that matters around here! Maybe I am the odd man out, but I would love to see a ramping option for the mode selection. The GM02 and RS02 are nice options to see for the light, would make a nice rifle or shotgun mounted light. I am currently using Klarus lights for my mounted options and they have held up well.

Thanks for the GAW!