Going to have hand surgery today

I will be a few days in hospital and likely for weeks disabled to use my right hand

Good luck man, hope it heals well!

Things like this happen in our lifetime…except to the very lucky few.

Keep your head up and hang on buddy.

Hope all goes well. :beer:

In the meantime we save up money to buy more custom driver :sunglasses:

All the best Lexel. Heres to a speedy recovery. :beer:

Hope it goes well and wish you a good recover after :beer:

Good luck! Get well soon!

Best wishes for a good outcome & fast recovery Lexel!! :+1:

Lexel, I hope everything goes well with your hand. :+1:

A few day’s in the hospital for hand surgery sounds serious bud, wishing all go’s well and a speedy full recovery Lexel! :+1:

Good luck. I hope everything goes smoothly and you have a speedy recovery.

Hope it goes well. ATB, my fellow.

+1 (I was also thinking about ordering a few custom buck drivers.)

I wish good luck for your hospital visit and a fast recovery :beer:

If not a secret, what happened to your right hand?

Heal fast man!

Hope everything goes smoothly and you’re back to 100% soon!

Good luck. :+1:

Good luck, Lexel.

All the best Lexel. Take it easy, rest well and setup a speech-to-text program in time. :smiley: :+1:

I’m sending positive thoughts for a successful procedure and a speedy recovery. Be well.

Best of luck to you!