GoingGear goes the extra mile

I received my order of 2 Ultratac K18 brass a day ahead of tracking, on Friday 6/3/2016. I notified them on Saturday 6/4/2016 that one was DOA. I received an email reply today Sunday 6/5/2016 asking particulars and offering suggestions to try. I followed their suggestions and advised I had 4 others and was familiar with the model.

The next reply within 1/2 hour was an RMA with prepaid shipping label .pdf

I can’t think of any other return transaction online that went so smoothly, hassle free, and on a Sunday no less.
Thank you Helen! :+1: :+1:

Good to hear!

I encourage people to post about exceptionally bad Customer Service but I think it’s equally important to post about excellent service as well. Thanks.

That place is one of my favorites. They have just about everything on their site and just about the same amount of stuff in their store. The wall of flashlights is a wonder to behold! I’ve always received the best customer service from them!

I did not have as good an experience with returning at item to GoingGear that I received that was scratched on arrival.

I purchased several flashlights from them over the past few years. I have 100% confidence them. Anytime I’ve called, they’ve always been super friendly.

Wow! I found something at Goinggear that I haven’t seen in thirty years. I used to have a candle lantern in my backpacking gear. There is something comforting about the warm glow of a candle flame In a cold tent.
I probably traded it off for a stupid flashlight. :confounded:

Once i ordered from goinggear and that was one of the best transaction ever.
Knowing it was U.S store that want to shipping an item overseas

Our American vendors are all good people to deal with.

Haha the name sounds like Gearbest/Banggood/GeekBuying so at first I was surprised with so much swift good CS, to discover it is US based.
Yeah sometimes it is indeed good to deal with companies bound by stricter laws :wink:

Annoying thing now happening here in EU is vendors try to sell “extra long warranty” while bound by law for certain periods a lot of these extended warranties are not needed. Yet the salespeople in the store don’t always know this so getting a replacement of something fixed still can be a pain.
There were two strategies in The Netherlands that helped,
1 going at a busy moment so salespeople would not want all those potential buyers to see how hard it was
Or 2 print out the legal texts.

Here in France they try to sell the extended warranty but are much easier if something goes wrong within legal period for that item.

My RMA replacement is in the mail today. Pretty fast service.

Always nice to hear of vendors with good service.

I didn’t have good luck with them . When I had a problem their customer service just ignored my email .

I’ve gotten over it

GoingGear has a very good customer service even for me, a spanish customer; i can only speak well about this Store

they replaced a custom light for me with little hassle. i sent it back to them after the light wouldnt work properly anymore (it was only a few months old), and had the replacement within a week

I did not know that going gear made custom lights. Who does the modding ?