Gold plated flashlight!

What purpose does the gold serve?


The Midas Touch by Klarus.

Somebody has figured out CPF....

Vogue! I definitely need one to go with my gold-plated hammer, my diamond encrusted saw and my Gucci wellington boots.

That icon is hilarious !

Ding ! Fries are done !

You guys just don't understand. The gold shows that it is a quality light. When your life depends on that light you will be glad that it is gold. :)

If it's a quality light it must have trits as well but it's OK if they're gold.

The perfect accessory to go along with your gold plated veyron. Must be a cpf guy...

It better be gold plated titanium....

Ballin. It must be for the CPFers and the Saudi prince like that car probably is.

Problem is, 916 gold will scratch real easily.

Not toooo expensive though, the plating must be quite thin.

Hmmm.. the scratching would drive me nuts!

Need the Ti or SS version, less painful scratching because it won't change colour when you scratch it.

All about the bling-a-ding-ding. Searching through CPF a couple years ago I found all kinds of gold plated torch threads including a limited custom run of gold plated mini maglites. The gold minis sold for around $100 as I recall.

its gold plated over alum btw...

Of course. I think all of them they sell like that are gold plated. Solid gold…no way! :wink:

Hope LuxLuthor doesn't come across this thread, he's the Auric Goldfinger of flashaholics.

Actually, the ad says its a gold plated stainless steel body...

Lipstick on a pig...

Yep, i stand corrected, ss with plating