Good 2S (8.4V) charger for 2S2P NCR18650GA battery pack

Hi guys,
I’ve been reading this forum long enough, have a question which I didn’t find.
Today I received a nice 2S2P battery pack with Sanyo NCR18650GA batteries and protection board.
Currently I only have a 1A wall charger, bought with chinese bike lamp & battery pack.
It’s taking ages to charge the pack.
Since I’ve read that GA’s can be charged safely with 1.5A, being in 2P combination, I’m looking for a 3A charger.
Is this ok? I’ve seen this one: Review of Charger TS-1012C 2S 3A LiIon
But I’d like that charger has short-circuit protection and stops charging when full.
Can you recommend me the cheapest solution that meets these requirements? Tnx.