"good" brass or copper P60 pills

Hi. I want to buy qood quality brass pills for P60 reflectors. Alone or complete set.
Kai or DX are crap, I want better quality. Solid, heavy, thick.
Is there a place I can buy them, or should I make my own?
Best regards, Mike

They're all about the same. You might need to make your own.

The ones from Fancyflashlights (they are labeled copper, but are brass) are a little better than the ones from KD IMO, but the difference isn't much.

Yup, either make your own or improve the existing ones.

Thanks, time to do some measurements.

I'm not sure home much open space is up inside behind the driver, but you could fill it with something like copper shot and solder (or cut pieces of wire and solder) to add some more mass.