Good budget bicycle multi-tool?

Hi guys, I’m looking for a tool like these for a cycling friend and wondered which are good examples? Do you have any tools like these? Which do you use?

There seem to be lots of bad reviews of these (there are many on Ebay of this kind):

I don’t know how comfortable they are to use vs. these with aluminium sides (these kind have less tools and generally seem to omit the socket wrenches):

Depends on the type of bike your friend rides. Pretty much anything other than department store bikes have abandoned external hex head type bolts in favor of internal so the 8 9 and 10 sockets and the flat plate on the first tool would likely be useless.

The second tool looks much better, plus it has a chain tool (black piece) which I’ve found to be an essential tool to have with you unless you like the idea of having to walk your bike out with a broken chain.

Hmm… I practically biked from the womb…
I have never liked these multi-tool attempts.
They’re just not as practical as they look.
I prefer a small set of wisely chosen more normal tools to take on a trip.
Puncture repair stuff and a good pump is more important i.m.o.

A chain splitter i have never needed on a bike trip.

Thank you both. She has a mountain bike but I did not note the maker. I will think of another gift idea. These maybe look more useful than they really are.

Topeak Alien and mini series are very good…

Oh wow, the Alien II looks enormous (but <300g)! Thanks for the suggestion!

As a gift, these bike multitools are perfect. Look non-cheap, feel good, compact size, and the giftee can imagine how she would be using it in future. If she one day realizes that such tools are not too useful, leave it up to her. Her problem to buy higher quality singled-out wrenches.

The point is that you need a nice gift. And as a gift, they are nice.

I’m with Jerommel. You don’t need that many tools to get out of a pickle, just a few correct tools in the right sizes will be fine. Most common problems with mountain bike is flat tyres so maybe a quality compact pump. If she rides on the road, maybe get her a little light.

+1 on the Alien II. Great tool!

Is the Alien II made in china? Why not Alien III?

I can comment on the Alien II because I have one and find it to be a great tool. I have not even seen an Alien III in the flesh so I cannot comment. And I suspect the II is cheaper since it is a predecessor.

I cannot find a manufacturing location but I find Topeak design and manufacturing control to be better than many. They also make some of the best utilitarian carry pumps in their Morph line.