Good deal on AA NiMH batteries

Just got back from Harbor Freight and had to share this deal on AA NiMH batts.
Pack of 4 rated at 2200mAh for only $7.99 less the 20% off coupon that is always in our Sunday paper coupons so that brought it down to $6.39
SKU is 97866

I have no idea how long the deal runs.
I have used the 2000mAh ones in the past from them in my digital camera and they work very well.
I am sure they are not the full amperage that is marked, but they do perform well.
I am going to run these in a SK68 clone.
At $1.60 each they are a bargain.
Thanks and have fun,

I use quite a few of the 2000mAh ones which I tested at about 1600mAh. I've never used the 2200 rated ones.


You can always buy duraloops for the same money off of ebay .

Or you can get Turnigy 2400mAh AAs off hobbyking for like $1.58 or something each. excluding shipping

+1 , good battery & good price :slight_smile:

there is a good deal on ENELOOP GLITTER, for international buyers.

how’d they run the sk68 thats what i’m lookin at some for