Good deal on nice AA charger and batteries (in the US)

This place is selling 4xAA duracell LSD nimh's with a smart charger for $15 shipped.

These are likely Duraloops (enerloops), but don't count it, might be almost-as-good rayovacs.

Charger is 500ma 4hr smart charger, individual chans, and usb-5v-out. Has a nice feature where the batteries can be used as emergency usb power source. No car charger cord though, have to buy seperate one.

I bought one.

Nice! Thanks for the tip agenthex, I wish I had access to some of these deals in the USA.

So it's pretty much confirmed, I can get flashlights at the absolute cheapest prices direct from China, but good LSD NiMHs cost significantly more from China. I paid about $15 for my 4 Eneloops from China.

This site previously had 12AAAs or 12AAs duraloops for $20.

The part that makes this deal is the smart charger. A smart charger costs at least $15 by itself, and this one can be used a power source for charging phones and mp3 players on the go.

One of the best deals on enerloops in the US is 8xAA and 4xAAA + charger for $25 + tax at Costco. However it comes with a dumb 2 channel charger, and almost no store carries dv/dt ones with individual channels. You absolutely want 1 battery (or 3xAAA :)) charging capability when using budget flashlights.

I've got one of these and it's becoming one of my faves. I used it to charge my ipod touch using 4 eneloops which took around 2 hours. It also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter. The batteries that came in mine were chinese black tops which are junk. I'm thinking about getting 1 more just to leave in my glove box.

I keep an Energizer 15 minute cell cooker in the glove box. AAs really don't like 8 amps up them!

But it is pretty unlikely I'll need as many cells as I usually carry, if I do I'm not likely to care about cooking the odd cell as long as I can get power right then.

It also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter. The batteries that came in mine were chinese black tops which are junk.

This one does not have the car adapter cord included. However it's older stock destined for New Zealand / Aus which means it's possible or even likely they are white tops. The one you got could've been the one with 2 AA/ 2 AAA. Same charger, though.

I don't think the rayovac blacks are "junk". They retain like 70% of charge over a year instead of 80%.

The 12AAAs I received from them were old 2008 stock going to Australia. They were white tops, not sure about this one.

Someone on web once did a test w/ those on eneloops. They got 250 cycles out of them at 8a. Way more than what you use them for anyway.

I've been thinking of getting one myself. It's like the microwave of chargers.

My charger did come with 2 aa's and 2 aaa's which I included in my own self-discharge test. They went from a full charge to 80% after 3 weeks and down to 60% after 6 weeks. My energizer 2450 aa's and 850 aaa's actually did a lot better which kind of surprised me since they were not lsd's.

So I take it they didn't come pre-charged? ie not lsd.

They were pre-charged lsd's but were the black top chinese kind which are absolute junk.

How can they come pre-charged if they're mostly empty after 8 or so weeks? Retail shelf turn is often measured in months.

When I first got them, I did a full discharge, then a break-in AND THEN I added them to my personal self-discharge test which is still going today and includes duraloops, original eneloops, new eneloop tones, rayovacs platinums, energizer 2300's and powerex 2700's.

You must've gotten duds. The black top precharges are likely same oem as rayovac hybrids (which are yuasa-delta, or more specifically manufactured by their joint venture plant in china). Slightly worse, but not much:

Yup, they could have been duds but I'm still glad I bought it because I got the awesome cef23dx4n charger out of it. Smile

Hmm those are packaged for AU/NZ? That's funny and a bit sad because I don't think I've ever seen Duracell 'Pre-charged' or either kind for sale here in NZ. Now that I've looked I've found them at Farnell, sort of the price I would expect, i.e. way way more then that sale. Still no evidence of them being sold at a retail store although there probably are some.

Yes, supposedly they are "grey market" items destined for that region which got clearanced (along with the batteries midieval bought) to some US sale shop. Same product, but the packaging is slightly different.

I guess I should update on this item.

Two unfortunate things about it: 1. the removable ac adapter it comes with is the AU/NZ angled plugs, however this was easily fixed with a pair of pliers (twist them and they fit in really well to the US plug. 2. the batteries are not white-tops. :(

Other than that, it works really well, and it's now my go to charger.

Damn, now it's $10...