Good deals for those in the UK

If you are in the UK then (based in the Channel Islands) has some very decent deals from time to time. Delivery is free to the UK. I've used them often and they are reliable.

Two that caught my eye recently were this, an AA/AAA charger plus 2*LSD AAA's and this a very good price for 4*AA Eneloops (Type 2).

Bought and Bought, now to find a long run time, and high output AA a bargain price.

Jetbeam BA20 @ manafont is the most efficient 2x AA light out there not using an XM-L (which is only very slightly more efficient and at the cost of a much less intense hotspot/throw). Best of all it is only $37 shipped.

Bear in mind that the first charger is only a timed one (I think) so will not be good for the batteries. I highly recommend this one:

It uses delta-v function to terminate charging when the batteries are full, and not just blindly pour electricity into them like timer chargers often do.. It also comes with a car adaptor and can charge AA or AAA at the same time in different independent charging bays.

I agree. I linked the Sony deal because at just £3.49 with two LSD AAA's its almost free. Two AAA Eneloops would often cost you that and the Sony CycleEnergy's are LSD cells in that class. It never hurts to have lots of chargers either........

lol, I love this shop so much

If you want the Sony AA option with charger go for the top two.

Yep - great tech shop for UK'ers. I've ordered many things from them over the years, including batteries, chargers, a couple of flashlights, ink cartridges, photo paper, memory cards and card readers. Prices are always amongst the best, good selection, and great customer service. Very quick to respond to and resolve any issues. They even now have a freepost address for returning items to them. I highly recommend them.