Good host for 3x or 4x 219b

Since I have a few nice Nicha’s 219b I’m looking for good host.
I have FW3A I could mod, but I don’t want to fry the leds.

Any suggestions? Nice,host with regulated driver? 18650 preferably. Not S2 :slight_smile: I’ve been there before, not coming back.

why not the fw3a

they come with 219 also

maybe a convoy c8 with triple would be nice

Jaxman E2L with convoy constant current linear driver? Pretty similar to S2 but with integrated shelf.

I read, that firmware change is needed, if someone could guide me…

What about an Astrolux S41 host, with a Led4Power driver?

FWIW I am using 219b in my D4V2 Ti. I paired it with a NCR18650GA. Time will tell how the LEDs fair though I am mindful of how long I run turbo (for the few times I do use it).

Maybe a Convoy S12 if 18650’s fit in it.

I don’t think it would be an issue running 4x219b’s in a FW3 on a 30Q battery…. I’m running 3xFW1’s in a FW3 with a 30Q at around 14amps (13.7A) for 2200lumens zero problems…

I was going to attempt a triple 219b build with a new version Jetbeam RRT01. Haven’t got around to it yet or even made sure it was doable at all. I’m sure it is but I might run out of patience before I ended up with anything resembling a working flashlight. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I’d also like to see that Wowtac A6 with a triple of some sort.


C8+. Makes one of the nicest host body’s with comfort in hand.

I have a coupla S41’s too. one is 4 x 219B,stainless.

Tóther is 4 x Cree. Brighter. but not so natural colour.