Good Morning from Montana

Good morning all. Been reading the forums for a bit, just bought my first soldering iron. whats a quick easy mod for the Defiant Super Thrower?

Thanks for joining Flashaholics Anonymous, schlieb01!

Thank you sir. I’m excited to learn !

Hi Schlieb01. Welcome to BLF. Enjoy your stay.

just watch ghost town gold last night taking places in Montana…ranches in 360 degree looks, sure need a super duper thrower to keep eye on the far border of ranch :smiley:

Welcome to BLF, schlieb01! :party:

Hi and welcome schlieb01. How do you like reading? The 3C in modified form is my favorite light.

Edit. heres another one.

Welcome to BLF! Been through Montana twice. Glacier National Park was one of my favorite places to visit.

Oh, and please don't hold it against me if it was my thread that hooked you on the Defiant Super Thrower! :)


Welcome to BLF! I hitchhiked through Montana once, when I was 17. It was beautiful country - I loved the wide open spaces.

Quick and easy is relative, but here goes. Get a Kaidomain NANJG 105C driver here. Replace the stock driver with the NANJG. Solder across S2 per the KD instructions for H/M/L modes. Use the original driver spring on the new driver.

Get some copper braid from Radio shack and run it through the inside of tail cap spring and the driver spring. Solder it at both ends to the springs. (resistance lowering mod).

Use 3 C NiMH or one 18650 with a dummy cell, to power the light.

If you want a glass lens, buy a 67mm lens filter from ebay for a under $5 bucks and remove the lens from the filter and slip in into the light.

Welcome. What part of Big Sky Country are you from? Years ago I used to guide Elk archery Elk hunters up on the Missouri river not far from the Charles M. Russel wilderness area. One of my favorite hunting places.

Thanks for all the info. Cant wait to start modding. Im from western Montana.

I have a good friend who lives in Dillon. Hunted and guided with him a bunch.

Welcome to the family, Schlieb01! Old Lumens gave some great advice. If you want more just search for defiant and you will find lots of mod info.

thanks for all the great advice. gonna start with the mod Old Lumens mentioned. that sounds like a good beginners mod

Hello and welcome!