Good priced thrower at Manafont!

Many are familiar with this one already. This time decently priced.

Also the head is not glued to the body and no silly resistor switch! Hurray!

Just screams for a r2 or XM-L transplant if stock form isn't good enough.

Good price. Looks like the reflector screws into the body.

That looks very much like the HS-801/802 reflector to me. So hopefully the same performance.

It looks like my HS-801. Very good one (reflector).

I tried a XM-L in my HS-802 and no joy .. Horrible beam ...

I managed to glue the emitter on mine quite a long way off centre. Visually centring it on the protector does not centre it on the reflector. The time to discover this is not after the mixture of epoxy and heatsink goo has hardened - thought 1 was using 1 hour work time stuff, turns out it was 5 minute stuff.

Unscrewing the head half a turn or so loses light but cleans up the beam a lot. There are plenty of threads to play with.

When I underexpose it enough, you can see that the LEd is off centre - but it started with a huge black hole in the middle of the beam.

I can't quite figure out how that fits together, does the reflector screw into the head?

The reflector sits in the head, some pics may help.


The reflector sits in the head

And is held in place by the lens and bezel

The pill screws into the battery tube

The head and body tub were glued together originally.

Glued... Thus why the marks on the parts... damn

Ahh I hadn't realised it was that light :P

The reflector looked threaded in the Manafont photo, I guess it's just uneven tooling then.

After a closer look, I would say it's not the threads but cooling fins, otherwise it would be impossible to assemble the head.

Don ...did you put this in the freezer ?

Before you started cranking away with the vise grips ?? ouch ..

have you tried the freezer trick ?

Yes - did no good at all - that glue was incredibly tough.

It's my first step for data recovery from dying hard drives. Works most of the time for long enough to get the data off.

Very true. I practice that method alot. Saved alot of customers that way. I deep freeze them to about 35-40 degrees under zero (celsius). Peltier freezing them was unsucessfull most of the time and messy.

Found a XM-L version on "bestinone": Brinyte C5 XML

unfortunately a one-mode, so driver should be chanched.

Good find! Also a good price. I mode is preferred for me for such a flashlight but in case of a XM-L a lower mode would be handy to some.

there are more XML lights at very good price

I am in love with MRV so maybe I should try Brynite C7

But the "C5" / "uf900" / "hs-802" (all the same) has a 6,5cm deep reflector and should be a VERY good thrower.

I will get THIS ONE next 2-3 weeks, i´m curious about it :)

Looks cool. Let us know how it turns out.