Good Switch for wf 502b?

Switch broke on a wf502b. Took it apart, and the white part that has the protrusion that clicks doesn’t work, unless you let go of it quickly, which you can’t do due to the rubber over it. Sorry I’m not a real expert on this.

Can I fix it, or do I need a part? Any recommendations? Also have a 501 and some c8’s, and others, if there’s a switch that would work on both, I might get a couple.

USA shipping a plus, but maybe just buy from China

There are several choices.


There are many more options available.

Thank you for the reply, the top one looked pretty good. Which are better? Which ones work? Are there any that won’t?

I might prefer a better quality one since it could be a hassle to get back without light

On the ones I’ve had, the tailcaps don’t interchange but the actual switches (i.e. board, spring, switch module, all soldered together) interchange 100%, although you probably have to take the extra parts (washer, plastic filler, whatever) along with the switch module. By now you’ve probably already discovered that.

This comes in handy if you get one of those remote pressure switches & want to use a C8 (for more throw) as a rifle light…

If you’re the adventurous type, now might be a good time to experiment with a Momentary-ON, aka forward-clickie, aka tactical switch. Full disclosure, I haven’t tried one of these, but if the measurements listed are correct it should fit.

That one looks square though, I’ll have to take a look later when I get home. But it should work? I’ll probably pull apart some other lights & rob one I’m not using

ebay has one like the first one UliBar posted for $1.18 but low feedback.