Good Value for Money 2A USB Power Supply

Can anyone recommend a well priced 2A USB power supply. I’ve tried some from FastTech, including the one below, and they have a high failure rate and they don’t come close to delivering 2As.

Blitzwolf, click on the top banner, they are great

Test/Review of BlitzWolf 40W 5 port usb charger

Test/Review of BlitzWolf 24W Dual wall charger

Test/Review of BlitzWolf 48W 4-port smart car charger C1

Great, thanks for info. I was not really aware of the Blitzwolf brand. For $9.99 the 24W dual port is a good price… Are there anything better priced, maybe a single port version, that’s reliable?

I’ll also see if I can find a discount code for the 24W version…

This might be an option?

Nillken 2A USB Charger $6.19

Still not cheap, but, that’s probably just how it is for a proper USB charger.

A good place to start your search is probably this list:

Thanks HKJ - I’ve missed this nice link on your page. Appreciated.

even I missed this one !!!