Google sabotaging Chrome browser's performance (Android, v73 and up)

I have problems with Firefox sucking up all my memory at times and locking up my pc due to web scripts going crazy.

I can’t say I’ve had the same experience. I am running FF now, and it is taking 2% of my memory and 0.2% CPU. Never had any crazy web script issues either.

NoScript for firefox (on PC (don’t know for android)) but needs a “learning curve” because it will block all scripts on web pages at first.

Wow! Is the software you use a reflection of your beliefs? :-)

I know I am quite a singular fellow in the way I use my device, it is very customized.

No problems with DPI settings. My issue is that, since I can always zoom in but not zoom out, to me having to deal with a big font or forcefully zoomed in content is absurd.

This is how I usually use my email, for example:

Cheers :-)

Yeap that’s what I’m using now and it’s help wrt to the memory issue as well as blocking other irritating pop-ups.

Recently I needed to manipulate my user agent because the communicator that my employer chose refuses to work with anything older than 60. I have 17 addons and at least 3 still can’t be ported.
Though by manually editing css I could replace one of them. Except….that stuff is completely undocumented, has a steep learning curve and FF gives 0 guaranties that they won’t change it at any moment they like. :person_facepalming:

To me being able to customize user agent is another requirement. Chrome does not oficially supports this but of course I enforce it by script and special data/local/chrome-command-line file.