Google has got around to indexing the site I see. Just did a Google for "budgetlightforum". One of the top hits was this page from Website Outlook. Can't say I come close to believing the numbers though, but even if they are true, you are worth every penny Mr. Admin. It claims that, as of nine days ago, the estimated worth of is over half a million dollars.

I thought all the "new economy" punters were now being forced to take their medication or were laid off in the dotcom bust. It would seem not.

I saw that too, so do you guys want stock options or quarterly dividend checks? I think they calculate that by assigning a value of $1.00 per letter in the site's content.

Yes, Google knows about our domain name, but they still haven't indexed more than a few random pages. What I do to check is pick a random phrase from some post on the site and "search for it in quotes" in Google. Invariably it returns 0 results. Google will never tell you why, but their algorithm appears to favor .com and .org domains.

They also think you have 239,000 page views a day (!). Careful what you say, we have a lot of lurkers.

Makes more sense if it is for everything under

Ah well, the valuation is probably still fantasy. But I looked at on the same website where the valuation is less lunatic.

Got it! Google Custom Search Engine is now indexing our site and is fully integrated. I knew something was wrong, and sure enough it was. It was owing, quite simply, to a Google bug. Miscommunication between the Google Webmaster Tools, the Google CSE creation panel, and Google Adsense CSE creation panel. I don't want to go into all the gory details, but it's a long-standing Google bug. Read about it here if you are interested. I'm NOT impressed, Google! At least it works now.

I just found this website on Google today. Did a search of "uniquefire led s1 vs. s10" and this site was the last result on the first page of results. So far, I am greatly impressed...and had to start an account right away.

Pretty new to led flashlights but I have the bug. I've always had a fascination with flashlights and recently started looking at led flashlights at Staples, Fry's and other places like that. A lot of low priced lights with multiple led's. I finally decided to search dealextreme to pick up a few and that soon lead me to the more expensive budget lights (if that makes sense!)...Romisen, Tank007, Uniquefire, Ultrafire, etc. with "power led's." BessieBenny's thread on CPF was certainly one of my early sources of information. His high praise of the Romisen RC-G2 was the reason that was the first light I purchased. That was on Jan 10.

Since then, I've bought three more lights. I now have the RC-G2-black, RC-G2-silver (was so impressed with the first that I had to buy another), Tank007 E07 and RC-H3-black. I also have the Uniquefire AA-S1 on the way. I obviously have a preference for single AA lights at the moment (using Eneloops) but I'm sure I'll be picking up other types. May even get a few of the more expensive "elite" lights down the line.

Hmm, interesting, thanks for letting us know! You might be our first user from Google. Glad to see that we're turning up on Google. Even so, I am very unimpressed with Google's search results, they are only indexing a minute fraction of the great posts we have here.

Im just glad to see that the site is finally on the map......i hope to see more members and reviews soon. Welcome to the site you will love it here.

My site is worth $1.27 Million.
How much is yours worth?

Anyone up for a BLF Stock Options plan or possibly dividend checks? Angel-fund investors maybe?

You can count me in so glad that i have a place i can call home, this site is getting better and better monthly.

Or a really good party in a Chinese flashlight factory?

Me too! :party: