Gords has been away For almost 2 days now . . . something wrong?

So I notice gords1001 has been away for 1 day & 21 hours (as of the moment I write this). Seems unlike him. Did he announce he'd be away? Perhaps he's busy buying his new house? Perhaps the wife has gotten fed up seeing too many "suspicious packages" coming through the door? :)


I think he's a bit tied up looking at houses Garry. Hopefully we'll hear from him soon.

bit of both tbh, plus I’ve got a sporadic interweb connection that wont be resolved till near the end of the month.

Dont worry, I’m ok, although mrs gords has seen my recent spending and is not a happy bunny, I’ll not be doing much for a bit.

cheers for the concern though :bigsmile:

Glad to hear you're alright bud! Good luck with the house (whether you're still house shopping, or found "the one" and tied up with the purchasing details).


still looking. I found one I liked but mrs gords vetoed it. shame as it had it all, double garage, thrower test range, space for the kids to play, she just felt the house was too small. :~

You know you're a flashaholic when you are shopping for a new house and looking at its location in regards to testing flashlights! :)

Of course I went on a bike ride this past Sunday (my first of the year) and found myself looking for locations to take beamshots down the trail which also had easy access to park a car nearby!


Haha, first item on the list double-garage (read: workshop); second item, thrower test range.
You be a flashaholic for sure. :smiley:

the double garage is as much a requirement for a change in my work life as for lights, but yeah, I need a workshop.

As for the test range, well, you may as well aim for ideals as not :bigsmile: I would prefer to be a bit further out in the sticks wity less light pollution than where I am for a variety of reasons.


I don’t know you, but I’m glad that everything is ok. Started feeling bad when I saw the OP, and went “Oh no, not again” :(…

BTW, worst case, just make sure the new place has a white wall :).

touch wood, I’m hopefully one of the least likely members to have an “oh no……” I’m only 33 lol, that said, mrs gords is aware of members to contact if an accident were to happen. |(

Really? I swore you were close to 40. (Thought I read that somewhere.) Dang! You're younger than I am! I'm 37.


yep sorry dude, I never saw the seventies 8)

it would be interesting to find out the average age of a blf member though, no?

See, this is why I love BLF! A member is away for two days and others start to worry.. Like a big happy family! :)

About the age: Should we take this poll again: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/72527

Blow me down. Your all old blokes. I feel young now. :slight_smile: