Got a new 1*AAA today, a few pics and thoughts. Better pics!

My new Brass Art 1 or 2 AAA light arrived today from Banggood. Had a member supplied code that made the price more reasonable, thanks!

First off, Banggood screwed up and forgot to include the 2*AAA tube, case open. :frowning:

*They did not screw up… they separated the parts and sell a long and a short. The original manufacturer sold them as a set! This is an expensive little 1xAAA light, I would have loved to have the option of 1 or 2 batteries. But, I guess I never will! :frowning: Yes, I missed that little part when I ordered.


My first impressions are that it is extremely well made! It is listed as a L/M/H, but it really is H/M/L. I had hoped in this second generation light that it was really reversed, the first gen was an XP-G led and this one is an XP-G2. The tailcap draw is 2.4 amps with a NiMH battery. I do think it will get a 219B on a 10mm sinkpad!

The treads are great, it tail stands well and the machine work is pretty good. In a couple of spots at the head end of the flutes, the threads are just visible. The switch has a really good click feel, and it is reverse!

You can just see the edge of the threads in this pic…

Notice the LED centering ring??? The tiny OP reflector sits inside the ring and just over the LED for a perfectly centered LED! The pill was very easy to remove with an awl, threads again were perfect. This is a very nice light for a mass produced piece of hardware!

BTW, very nice hotspot at 4 feet with great spill. Can’t wait until dark! :slight_smile: Any ideas regarding how to attach this to a keychain? Split rings just do not work!



Now if I could find a way to attach it to a keyring, it would be a great little EDC. It likes to pose with my other EDC as well!

Nice looking light. Spider Wire ??

What would you estimate output of the models at? Looks nice, the contrast of the stainless behind the flutes is quite nice looking.

Went out with a full NiMH cell, I would guess 125 to 130 lumens, not bad… I would say that the tint is in the low NW range, maybe 2B or 2C. Not the 5C of the old XP-G version. I do really like the little guy, may have to convert it to a 219C or an XP-G2 4C. It really is well build. It does PWM on low and medium, so PWM snobs beware!

Do you mean the fishing line??? That is kevlar?

Thanks. I have been interested in that light.

Yeah. That’s what I was thinking. Not sure about Kevlar but the crazy strong for its size stuff.

Great looking little light. I wish it came in AA… got too many AAA lights already and honestly I never use them.

Nice light!!
a little review in spanish, with runtime graph with 1xeneloop and 2xeneloop:

Added some more thoughts and some better pics!

re: spiderwire they use different polymers for different lines but the green braided I have on a couple rods is spectra. Thin as 8 lb mono but rated for 65 lbs.

Light beam so powerful. It could be great choice as pocket flashlight. But if you ask me then from my experience I can tell you Olight would be great choice. I got that aaa flashlight idea from here

Itty bitty boost driver. I’d like to see the inductor on the other side of it.

Great stuff. I use it on a quite a few of my rods. I honestly can’t remember the last time I broke off while using braid… The hook either bends or snaps 98% of the time before the line breaks.

I am not sure it will get taken that far apart… I am going to replace the LED with one of the new hi cri warmish white XP-G3’s and a 10mm sinkpad. It can’t be very big, but it does drive hard and gets warm quickly!

I really like the little guy.

I’ve often checked it out myself but never pulled the trigger. I’m trying to learn the rudiments of boost drivers like this one and and buck drivers like the Ax2002. Harlequin and wight are very patient and helpful in this. Both types are just a bit more complicated than linear drivers but it’s another puzzle I find interesting.

I would love to see a good boost driver! This one works fairly well, good draw at the tailcap. I am not sure how the efficiency works out, but 2.4 amps with a NiMH, have not tried and do now on a Lion battery of that size. If I get it apart at some point I will post good pics for you.

Ok, as I noted above… I ordered based on my previous look at the original product from EDC-Lights/CNQ that included both tubes… I did not notice that Banggood listed the light with a picture of both tubes included, but really only sold with one or the other. I opened a case with them, when I thought that I was shorted a tube… On my second set of emails they finally replied and pointed this out. I expressed my disappointment with them….

“I see that now, but I am disappointed in the purchase. The manufacture CNQ sold them as a set, not a short and long… At the price, I will not recommend the purchase since it is not complete.”

“Dear customer,

Thanks for your email.
Every selller has their selling method, if you think we are not good, you have your right to choose others.
Thanks for your support.

Have a nice day.
Best regards,


Wow, this really kinda felt like a FU. Yes, I did make the mistake… but really???