Got a new C8 -Tangsfire.. XM-L2 U3 ! over 4amps coming

So I got a new light. Its a beautifully machined C8 Tangsfire.

XM-L2 U3

Nice aluminum pill

SMO aluminum reflector

screw in driver retainer ring....holding in an east-092 - stock

It pulls a little over 4amps on high with an old samsung 18650 laptop pull

Review coming stay tuned.....

That's edging mighty close to violating the known laws of physics (and probably also too truth in advertising), but anywho, glad you like it.

Tmart got anything for Cyber Monday?

Can’t wait to see the review

Double-check your readings. How is it doing with other batteries? Looking forward to the review.

That’s super great to hear as I have one in the mail. My three TangsFire HD2010s all have the East-92 driver, and put out 4.5A.

I will recheck my number for everyone when I get to work this morning. Got a new fluke meter there I will use.

subscribed :bigsmile: .

I don’t think it’s genuine XM-L2 U3, they’re very rare now and it’s very unlikely to find one in below $20 flashlight.

How can one tell if it is or not?

My Tmart rep sent me a link to it and a discount code. I posted that in the big deal thread today. Supposed to be a U3 according to the rep, but who knows. They only go off what the Mfg says.

sweet! Hows the charger working for you?

There's no way to know what a particular LED is after it's separated from the box it came in. It's just too easy for somebody somewhere along the chain to accidentally (or 'accidentally' nudge nudge wink wink) get them mixed up. And they know people will pay more or buy when they otherwise wouldn't when you advertise it as having the latest-greatest bin etched into the side, and they know there's no way for anyone to find out what the LED originally was.

And, the spread between the best T6 and worst T6 is much much more difference than between the best T6 and the worst U2. You'll never know, not even with the best, fanciest lab equipment. All the different bins are made in the same batches on the same equipment and only afterwards, when they are tested, do they get assigned a brightness bin. See here:

You can’t. You can only trust them, thing is - cheap chinese manufacturers are not trustworthy. You’ll be lucky if it really is U2 not T6 or even worse.

your talking about a difference of 14% ish……

good luck spotting that in 1000+ lumens, is it bright? if the answer is yes your laughing, buy and be happy or buy and slip a noctigon mounted xm-l2 with a tint bin of your choice in there and be happy.

congratulations on the light, it already sounds like a winner to me. Try not too get too hung up on bins of budget emitters, as comfy says, you’ll never ever ever be able to prove anything one way or another.

I have one in the mail and decided to order two more. I also ordered two $10 cree C8s. Someone just asked me if I knew anything about Red LEDs and thought one of these might make a nice host for a red XP-E. He wants it for hunting, and I just happen to have red LED in my box.

Tint is most important…yes? That is easily seen.

I have a couple batteries charging at the moment. Got to work and the air dryer had crapped out, and a couple of machines had lost there positions.

I do injection molding and run the maintenance department. Plus we have three new machine and three new robots all trying to startup today and tomorrow.

On a Tenergy Protected got 3.67 amps on high
will get more as time allows. Its for sure the brightest light I have

don’t worry then, its a good ’un