Got my new TR J18 light today!

Just got my first high power light today from Lightmalls, the Trustfire TR-J18 and 2 Trustfire 5000ma 26650 batteries. It was delievered by Fedex. Got here fast from China. So I guess you can still receive Li-ion batteries from China. Looking over the light and batteries they seem new, no scratches or dings. The batteries had a hologram sticker on the plastic shrinkwrap so I am not sure if they are real or fakes.

I measured the voltage and they were both about 3.85v so I loaded up the light and ran it for a few minutes to see how bright it is. Nice. But I am not sure how low the voltage can go before you charge them so I am charging them on the new Tr 006 charger which seems to also be working well.

The charger says 4-5 hours to charge 2 batteries so tonight I will be able to fully test out my new toy.

I still have the Uniquefire UF-T20 and Ultrafire 4000ma 18650 batteries coming from Manafont.

Joe C.

Nice catch, Joe!

Great way to start out the high powered part of your collection. The UF-T20 should be fun too. It's the only FTT I would consider getting nowadays.