Got My Olight M3X Triton Today

Thank you Shane for the fast delivery. This guy is so awesome to deal with. Now about the light. Olight seems to machine their lights to be about weight. I would like to see some more beef to the tube and the head, but that's just me. But it's not a bad thing. But I guess that's why I like the Catapult V3 so well. But I will say this is a very nice light and the 63mm head tells me this thing is going to throw and it has a fairly deep smooth reflector. And overall the light is very nice indeed. I sort of like the clip on the tube, but I doubt I will ever use it. I will say that this holster that came with the light is really nice and fits like a glove. This light has 3 modes: high, low and strobe. With head tightened, it alwasys comes on in high. Loosening the head is will take the light in to low mode if you have it already on in high, or you can click the switch and come on in low with the head loosened. You go to strobe mode by having the light on in low mode and quickly tighten and loosen again.

I'll show the pictures now and will get some beamshots at nite outdoors later when weather permits. But all and all the Olight M3X Triton is one heck of a flashlight.

looks nice.... :)

Congratulations, awsome light.