got my uniquefire c10 in the mail today!

got my uniquefire c10 in the mail today! i can't beleive it only took 6 business days from china to my front door in the peoples republik of california! amazing! anyway, the light is awesome. the fit and finish is on par as to what a $25 light should be. the only thing i don't really like is the awful 501 styling of the tube(as said in a review on this site). kinda kick myself for not just buying an 802 instead, but the reason i didn't was because this one was the same price but had an xm-l instead of an xr-e. no brainer, right? it's not the prettiest light i've seen, but i think that is why i bought it because it should serve its purpose well and i won't be tempted to pull it off my duty belt when i'm off duty. i have my l2i for leisure. they only downside i see to this light is that it arrived DOA. yep, clickie but no flashie. i have to email the seller as to a resolution. they do advertise on ebay that they will refund if the product is damaged upon arrival. we'll see what they say.

standing by,


LOL, well I'm glad it wasn't something serious.

Well, it could have been worse. =)

Lol, troop, can't stop laughing :bigsmile:

No, really, that's why I buy a little bit pricey lights, they have it all-in-one, clickie and flashie :bigsmile: LOL, can't stop, guys, can't stop :bigsmile:

Hehe, no, monster, that wasn't my point :bigsmile: It was just for lol :bigsmile:

I like budget lights, but prefer to spend a little bit more just to not to repair it myself once I receive it :bigsmile: (I'm not good at soldering). You can receive a DOA pricey light too, but the probability is quite lower.

About eBay - well, items in watched/won/saved category stay there for about two weeks or so, if I remember well. But you can leave feedback for 90 days items. Check your account main page. And as you have managed to fix the light, try to ask for a discount (if you want to buy another light from them) or compensation ($10 at least, lol :bigsmile: ). Good luck ;)

get a partial refund

no problem. sorry if i sounded snappy. i was being sarcastic. i think the whole thing about "functionability" in some of these budget lights and paying for for that "feature" is quite funny. i just find it strange that there is no evidence of the purchase on my ebay account, only in my secured paypal account. there is nothing in "my ebay" under won/purchased, leave feedback for item, etc. nothing is there. the listing for this light was also taken down and i can't find the seller on ebay. i'm not saying there is some conspiracy for this 25 dollar purchase but i just find it odd. never had this happen. add on top of that that the seller lists their customer service number as 0123456789 and their customer service email doesn't work just leads me to say, "wtf?" the listing also said that damaged items will be 100% refunded with proof. no problem there. already video'd testing the light and loading a fresh battery in it before i repaired the light. also, i ordered a five mode light. they sent me a three mode. anyway, i think i'm just going to open a claim with paypal and explain my case. i've already made my good faith effort so we'll see what happens.


if you don't like paypal's response, try ebay. they gave me a full refund on a used subwoofer, and let me keep it. The woofer was blown when I got it, but I've used the passive radiator and amp in another project...not a bad deal, although I would have rather had a working unit (and no refund) because it is no longer made...

So when have you bought it? Try this: go to "Purchase History" --> and in "Show" (under Purchases) select "Archive" instead of "Recent". Hope that helps ;)

PS: man, if you can get a full refund that would be awesome :bigsmile: You can claim within 45 days, btw.

Yes, it's their policy on defective merchandise so it's not like I'm asking for something for free. They contacted me asking to make sure that I charge the battery overnight and make sure that I insert it into the light the proper way and hopefully that should take care of my "battery problem. " funny, I thought it was a flashlight problem. BTW, seems kind of cwinky-dinky that they contacted me less than an hour after eBay contacted them on my behalf! Go eBay, show em who'ss boss!

Well, after going around with them Anita and having yo remind them of their own defective merchandise policy, I’m getting a full refund. All I have to do is send them a video of the light not working. Good thing I recorded a video before I installed a new emitter. Kinda feel guilty about basically getting a free host, but shouldn’t you expect for something to work when you pay for it or should you just say oh well, its China. What do you expect?

Sorry for all the typos. On my “smart” phone. LOL