Got some Panasonic 3100's on the way!

Just thought I would take a moment and brag LOL . I just contacted a company who actually has the panasonic 18650 3100's in stock and they are sending me 2 at no charge for testing!! This company will also add protection circits to batteries. The ones they are sending are unprotected.

I was thinking if all goes well I may start selling them since no one else is selling the 3100's but their going to be EXPENSIVE! and the minimum order is 200 cells. After contacting a bunch of companies it seems there is a lot more money to be made from cheap cells! The wholesale for Ultrafire 3000's is about $.50ea and that was for orders as low as 48pc!

Awesome! I'm sure you'll get much intrest on a review of those. Can't be too bad to get them free either :)

"The wholesale for Ultrafire 3000's is about $.50ea and that was for orders as low as 48pc!"

....but they suck...they suck soooooo much. Don't be that guy :P

If the Panasonics are really good performers, it might be a licence to print money over at CPF.

thats cheap!!!!

maybe you should start selling them to us, i will buy from you for sure if the price is cheaper than others

Shipping will put a real hurt on those numbers. so at .50 cents it looks like a great deal on cheap trash batteries .. but shipping will kill it and to sell them you have to ship them or sell them all locally .. not likely and that shipping will put a dead nail into a good deal on a garbage battery / fake lol :) not tring to b pessamistic,I just want to wake the guy out there who thinks he can make money on fake trustfires .. sadly people like to dream

real panasonics 3100 would be very cool

Let me make this really clear, I have no plans on buying Ultrafires, trustfires or any other junk. It just makes me laugh when I see people selling them for $15 a pair. We do import some LED automotive lighting from China so I know how shipping works. DHL takes about 5-6 days and the last order was about $120 per 28kg box. 28kg would be a lot of 18650's

will you be getting those panasonic battery? i would like to have some

and you also give me the company that sells the ultrafire batt for 50cent? i want to buy lots of trustfire flame 2400mah batt

Hansheng, sorry I wasent paying attention where I saw them for $.50 ea. I noticed the listing said "ultrafire wrappers" they never came out and said they where fake but thats the impression I got. They would pretty much have to be recycled batteries for that price.

They just contacted me again today, wanted my phone number to add to the shipping information, this is normal for customs. So hopefully I will be getting them in 7-10 days (crossing my fingers)

I got the 3100's in today!!! First test.. Imax B6 charger .6a discharge = 2968mah @ 2.5v The literature says don't go below 2.3v.

I don't think the B6 is fully charging them, according to my voltmeter their reading 4.16v fully charged. I'm going to borrow a friends Fluke and see what it says. I also ordered a new charger. The icharger 106b+. Their actually calibrated from the factory and will pull 7A on discharge + you can connect them to your computer and make cool graphs :)

Anyway, after looking at Panasonic's website these are very interesting batteries! it seems they actually put out MORE current when discharged at 5900mah! These should be killer in high output flashlights. They also put out more power when their warm, the chart goes to 160F. BTW, I have 100 protected and 100 tab batteries on order

Do you have a link to the datasheet for these?

More capacity at higher discharge rates is *very* odd.

I'm guessing its because of the heat generated by the cell? BTW these are the same batteries used in the Tesla long range battery pack. No wonder the Tesla is so expensive!

note... check out the 2900 panisonic's, they follow the standard "less capacity at higher discharge rates"

From what I have read they are quite a bit different cell's to achieve the 3100 capacity. Better high amp discharge rates is just icing on the cake! I have my new charger coming in the mail and should be here by saturday. If I can figure it out I will do a 5.9A discharge test.

To get our name out there I want to come in UNDER the AW and Redilast 2900's so I'm thinking $16ea + shipping. After the first 100 the price will be going up.

The high temp specs on these are pretty amazing, the wrapper says do not heat to above 212F.... Yikes! so at 200F its ok? LOL

They sent us a pic of the 3100's being made, kinda like a baby picture lol we went with the flat button tops to keep them shorter 68.65mm

These panny looks really good!:)

Do you plan to ship international? If you do, I'm in for a couple.

I can sell them to you but I cant ship them to you. Sorry the post office says no batteries shipped internationally.

So who carries the packages to our door that contain our lipos from HK?

USPS says you can ship secondary (rechargeable) but "Individual mailpieces must not contain more than three batteries"

"So who carries the packages to our door that contain our lipos from HK?"

Since your in Australia getting shipments from HK I would highly doubt the US post office has anything to do with it, and just because its shipped does not mean its being sent in regards to the postal rules.

There are IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations on what can and cannot be shipped on aircraft and how it must be marked. Large quantities of lithium primary (non-rechargeable) cells are a big no-no.

Fedex are reputed to have lost more than one cargo aircraft to fires caused by bulk shipments of CR123 cells.

If I weren't too tired I'd dig out the links posted here before - there's more than one plane driver here who will be far better informed about what can and cannot go on aircraft than I am.

Touché, didnt expect you to read my location lol, but in reference to the postal service in the US handling HK orders. Well I guess its down to finding the exact fine print, ill be happy to order 3 units if thats what shipping allows.

Ok I found this, It looks like I can ship them internationally. But... I'm sure every country has its own rules regarding shipping of batteries. I think it would be a big risk on my part having customs seize batteries and having paypal give out instant refunds as they like to do.

EDIT... I'll look into shipping to the major international countries to see.