Gouged Battery

Hi, I got carried away with the screwdriver when pulling this battery from a pack and gouged it.

I plan on hard wiring these batteries into a power bank so I need to know if the battery is ok or not to use.



It’s an 18650.What do you think?

I would safely recycle it, expecting it might eventually catch fire, knowing that weeks or months may go by for a crystal to form and poke a hole in the membrane separating the reactive chemicals inside. Then the weak point fails …

I think you should look for better advice than my opinion.

Try these: “lithium-ion” battery case dent damage - Google Search

You know the precautions in routine use/charging of li-ions, right?

I use them in my e-cig and never had a problem. All my chargers are designed for 18650’s.

Figured people here would know since a lot of you seems to be into pulling batteries from laptops ect and would run into something like this.

Yea i had a look and seems like using damaged 18650 is not such a good idea.

I had a similar issue when I opened my laptop battery pack. However the dent was much smaller on mine. I’m still using the cell, but I’m taking risks… A safe advice is to toss it. Just ask yourself how much is that cell worth/How many others do you have? (Notice how I’m not following my own advice! :D)

I did the same thing to the middle battery in each of the acer packs I pulled. I chucked the battery each time

Personally, I'd take the risk and use it. I'm not suggesting for you to do the same.

Don’t worry. That’s what I’m looking for. Personal experiences and honest opinions.

I’d just replace it but I would then have to get another laptop battery. Dunno what I’m gonna do…. have a week or 2 to decide till my diy power bank gets here.

Check the giveaway forum. There's a guy giving away used laptop batteries to new members. All you have to do is pay for shipping.

I’m going to recycle two that were somewhat more damaged than that and kept one that is somewhat less dented. So far, so good, but then, I haven’t been using it much, or all that hard. I’ll probably retire it early since I’ve accumulated in excess of two dozen good cells at this point. I certainly wouldn’t build it into a pack that didn’t allow easy replacement. I’m currently using it in a TOMO USB power bank that manages and reports on each cell separately (not that I consider that definitive, but it might at least give a hint as to whether the cell is marginal.

Any kind of dent, chuck it. The ~$1 per cell, or free, isn’t worth the risk…

Yea, I’ve decided to just get another pack. Gonna leave these outside till my power bank gets here and use them for a practice run. Probably won’t be able to solder them perfect the first time anyways.

I would recycle it. because of the internal structure of the “layers” inside a Lithium Ion, i would be worried of an internal shorting or leakage through the layers and separators. i never take chances with Li-Ion cells.

Take a look at this Disassembly of cheap 18650 battery by HKJ to see the basic construction of a cell and how the internal layers can be damaged by denting the outer casing.

Yea that battery is a definite throw away. Wouldn’t be able to sleep at night or keep it in my pocket without worrying.