Grease Is The Word.

Agreed, Aero lube is mineral based (according to their website) which is not good on o-rings.

I’m thinking of ordering the YAZL stuff mentioned above, but first, any idea of the quality of this Super O-Lube? Food Grade Silicone Silicon Grease for O Rings Faucet Plumbers Lubrication hot for sale | eBay Mainly the tube and nozzle format would make application easier.

Super Lube and Nyogel are an order of magnitude more expensive unfortunately.

I have both and both seem to work fine. I can’t say I feel any difference. I seem to always grab the Nyogel since I have a large tube of it and been using it for 5 years or more. The Super Lube I have only had a couple months but it works good too.
For titanium threads you need a grease with Teflon. Monky Spunk works well on titanium threads.

A few weeks ago i was in my local jaycar and i saw this on the shelf so I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks or so.

So far it seems to work well but i have no idea what its going to be like long term

But it is conductive so uhh maybe it helps ( as long as it doesn’t wreck the o-rings )

Thanks for the info moderator007! Good to know Super Lube compares well.

CoRDS, if you’re going to get a lube from jaycar, I would suggest INOX MX6 Premium Food Grade Machinery Grease. It looks similar to Super Lube.

After about 50 (or more) lites.
I’ve had this 1oz container for about 3 years (or more).
Slippen into the future. :disguised_face:

The best thing about Sil-glyde is that you can pick it up at Napa and get anywhere from a small to a huge tube of it. I got it mainly to lube the weatherseals on my cars, but it’s good for brake parts and flashlights as well. It’s really pretty cheap too.

So, no one paid attention to XY-2 grease? It's cheap, works wonders and you receive a lot of it in the jar:

Being from China you can get it in AliExpress, but FastTech has it fairly priced anyway.

Is white Lithium grease okay also?

It appears white lithium grease is oil based so not good on o-rings.

Looks like I’ll be tied up cleaning all my flashlights now. :slight_smile: I die-electric grease ok?

First time I ever used Sil-glyde was for my brakes and then for flashlights.

Good to know Sil-glyde works well on lights. I too bought it for brakes, and have used it on knives and firearms since then. I guess I’ll try it out on my lights now as well. Good call everyone. :slight_smile:

I use Krytox GPL 205 on my lights. It’s a bit expensive and overkill for this purpose but I already have it around for use on other projects. It’s a fluorocarbon based grease with fantastic properties. It works great on all types of threads including bare aluminum and titanium.

Dielectric grease should be good since it’s synthetic, but I’m not sure how well it lubricates. But, isn’t that what NyoGel is?

Its what ford motorcraft XG-12 electrical gresae is. Nyogel 760G.

I have been using the same tube for years :wink: .

I use Nitecore Grease

I picked up Super Lube 21030 from Harbor Freight. It works really good. The three ounce tube should last a good long time.

The ultimate test was using it on a free flashlight I received from Liion Wholesale. It is a very cheaply made flashlight, the threads feel really thin and sharp. Super Lube made a noticeable difference on them.

I got it, it’s OK. But I got Motorcraft XG-12 as well and I use it more because I know it won’t make any o-rings swell.