Great deal on some vtc6s

Just wanted to share a great deal I found on eBay - 2 vtc6 cells for $8.45 + free shipping from the US. I thought the price was just for one, but I was pleasantly surprised! They seem to be genuine cells.

Anyway, I just ordered another pair and thought I would share it with everyone.


It says vtc6’s are out of stock

I have tried a few high end and cheapos from Ebay, what I have found from my experience of buying about 25-30 18650 and 26650 efest, LG, samsung, thrustfire is not good. They were either counterfeit or honest cheap C junk. With efest, I bought 9 purple 35A from 3 different sellers off eBay recently, when I rubbed off the authenticity decal and referred them to efests website, they all came up as counterfeit.
I also bought 8 LG 10a 18650 off Ebay from the same seller. I am not sure they were counterfeit, however the first batch did not match the second. The second batch had all sorts of warning branded in the cover, the first batch didn’t. Hope this helps, here are some pics of the Purple efest I bought. I also own about 24 legit efest 35a purple, those I checked on the website and they all came up legitimate efests.