great deals in america lol

a favorite site of mine

2 flashlight deals that are def WORTH the money. worst part its 2 days only and im broke. BAH!

first up a cree 3D 176 OTF lumens

second up a 6D 3x Rebel 90 (WHAT!) with adjustable focus (630 lumens)

these are "email only" deals. so hopefully the links work for you guys

they are located in texas, and have good customer service. i bought a knife set from them (my friends buy lots of ammo and magazines)

Looks like a halfway decent deal for $50. If you can't blind things with it, you can at least club them to death with it. I already own two 6D Mags which are useful for hitting things with, if not necessarily for illuminating things.

Add a side handle and it'd make a useful nightstick. It is a heavy brute of a thing.

I'd guess that their target market would be interested in that.

def. also like if we have any gun nuts here (that would be my guess lol)

great deal on magpul pmags with the windows and dust caps. 17.05 each, free shipping if you order over 75 bux.

so of course i ordered 5. and i dotn even have my AR yet?

Legal firearms here are very, very hard to get and the penalties for doing so illegally are extreme.

Handguns are illegal period, as are semiautos of more than .22 calibre as are full autos in any calibre. Shotguns may only hold 3 rounds.

Possession of any illegal weapon (or ammunition) is at least 5 years in prison unless you use it at all in which case the sentence gets a lot longer. And a speeding conviction can cost you your firearms licence - happened to a guy I know.

thats retarded. thats why i hate all these firearm haters.

its already bad enough you cant have an adjustable stock (doesnt make sense)

now they want to tax firearms and bad high cap magazines, like making them illegal stops people from doing harm.

go ask those suicide bombers how much those banned high cap magazines stopped them from killing hundereds of people...

oh wait, they still accomplished their task, just without a gun.

this is whats wrong with people. they are afraid of their own shadow and want someone to blaim it on. lemme guess, they will ban baseball bats in your country next lol

CTD is a money sink. :D (Edit: Oh, and I mean that in a good way.)

I remember when Clinton's AWB went into effect back in 1994 and everybody was buying standard capacity mags like crazy at positively ridiculous prices. I wish CTD had been around back then and I still see mags stamped with "gov't/LE-only use" on them every once in a while. Feels weird, especially in a post-Heller world and as far as I am concerned, that's a good thing.

We don't do baseball round here. But they already did.

I'd read you passages from the Offensive Weapons Act, but I'd die of boredom.

My father used to be an academic lawyer and a judge so can quote at infinite length. Even a pointy stick can get you a prison sentence if you annoy a cop.

Freedom. They've heard of it.

And said "!@£$%@^Y% that!"

I'm very much against guns in the hands of anyone not employed by the goverment to protect the people. I don't like the idea of that either really, but I can see the need.

The simple fact is if guns are easier to get then they are easier for people who wish to use them with malice to get.

The law in the UK is idiotic though. I'm not sure if any consesion has been made, but I rember reading about our Olympic pistol shooting team having to get the ferry/tunnel accross to France in order to practise with their custom made almost imposible for anyone else to shoot singe shot .22's. Where as if you have the slightest justification you can have an obviously much more dangerous shotgun.

There's just no logic to it.

It isn't the guns - it's the people. I could "improve" on what the suicide bombers have done here. But why would I want to?

Anyone with a degree in chemistry could. I have one of those.

For that matter, the person who taught me philosophy had a previous job designing nuclear weapons for the South African Government. And I was listening when that person talked. And Soren Kirkeegard was a lot more boring than quantum mechanics.

heres the problem with authorities only having the guns. they can be bought out, and you cant do squat about it, why? you dont have guns to fight back.

thats the reason the US exists. we fought oppression YEARS ago. i feel like our government is taking a turn for the worst, trying to get the UN to be an ALL powering global leader, but thats not gonna work.

just like fake communism works for china, democracy may only work for us. obama is planning on using the UN as a tool to ban weapons in the US. But in our own Constitution a very DEFINITIVE line states " We have the Right to Bear Arms"

i plan on taking the right, and i dont plan on having it taken away. freedom of speach is already a problem! i may never have to use my gun, but id at least have the peace of mind knowing that i own it and know how to use it. and im willing to fight for what i believe in.

our taxes are outrageous. taking home LESS than half of what i make a year! that doesnt include SALES tax!

our health care plan is garbage, as the unions have been written off and DONT have to pay into those tax increases... BS!

also along the lines of "The simple fact is if guns are easier to get then they are easier for people who wish to use them with malice to get."

thats a garbagio statement, used to fight gun ownership ALL the time. if thats the case, why is it that most guns gotten illegally are from OVER the border here?

aside from the gangbanger with a pistol, which can be stolen from even a cop, automatic fire arms are not legal in most parts of the US, but they are constantly being caught by TNT. where are they comming from? well wasnt my home, it was another country all together.

the saying goes "if he wants to do something bad enough, he'll find a way"

personally, id rather the guy have a AK-47 with a 30 rd clip, over running in with a chest full of bombs....

at least i know i have a chance when hes got a rifle that he doesnt know how to use it

sorry, ive been a bit agitated lately. i think we should go back on topic, flashlight deals!

feel free to PM me if youd like to discuss further. im open to opinions, esp from educated people. philosophical discussions are a must for furthering education!

Just out of cuiriosity what's the use of a handgun for ordinary people (sports aside)?

In the US? I guess it's mostly plinking, hunting, CCW and self-defense - probably in that order. Outside of law enforcement and the military, most people will probably never have to shoot at anything but a piece of paper. But having access to an effective means of self-defense and having the mindset that goes along with it (situational awareness, confidence, etc), means you'll probably never have to use it. Criminals don't like gun fights; they like easy victims. I'm an able-bodied male. I look like I can defend myself just fine. Unless drugs are involved, chances are a mugger would just leave me alone and choose someone who doesn't look like he can and will fight back. CCW gives someone who is physically weaker or maybe even handicapped (ie. someone who might not even be able to run away; not that I am suggesting that law-abiding citiziens should have a duty to retreat from an unlawful attack) a chance to not become a victim.

Firearms level the playing field, so to speak. This article has some interesting numbers and background.

I don't mean to get involved in the politics because gun control is a hot-button issue for many, but, in my opinion, gun control only works on honest, good people. Criminals don't care about the law. They may care about the penalties but someone who is determined, will always be able to get their hands on a firearm, no matter how many gun control laws you have on the books. It's people like you and me who obey the law that are affected by "gun safety" (that's the new, politically correct term; ie. it's code for anti-gun) legislation.

In Alaska I had over 20 guns and rifles and my favorite thing to do was to go out into the middle of nowhere (lots of that in Alaska) and target shoot a bunch of beer cans and bottle. Even just going to the shooting range and shooting at targets was a lot of fun but before I left I had to sell everything. That was a very sad day.

oxy moron couldnt have put it better. sorry for getting all "up in arms" lol

gun regulations do nothing to stop crime. they also do nothing to keep guns off the street. its a proven fact.

i understand not having automatic fire arms, but semi auto should be legal. most people would kill them selves with automatic weapons lol

and as fish said, guns are fun lol

Oxy, outstanding post and more eloquent than I could muster at the moment...

[quote= xp.1337]

i understand not having automatic fire arms, but semi auto should be legal. most people would kill them selves with automatic weapons lol


Xp, I'm with you on the second amendment, but that's a terrible arguement to continue. Following that train of thought would lead to:

Semi-auto's are bad...but pump actions are ok.

Pump actions are bad....but bolt actions are ok.

Bolt actions are bad...but muzzleloaders are ok.


This is what led to the 1934 NFA, which was based off of one very public crime ( The St. Valentines day massacre).

Then along came the 1968 GCA, which, among other things restricts guns to "Sporting Purpose Only" from being imported.

And of course the ill-conceived "Crime-bill" of 1994, based on the notion that a guns color, grip position, and magazine capacity somehow play a role in the criminal mindset.

I've had the pleasure (and displeasure) of firing quite a few automatic weapons. My personal opinion is they're fun as hell for plinking, but utterly worthless outside large battlefield engagements. Despite their uselessness to me as a tool, I don't feel they should be restricted more than any other firearm. Same goes with suppressors: They're a safety device for heaven's sake...but unfortunately our dear leaders along with a portion of society have been exposed to too many hollywood movies and can't separate "suppressor" from "assassin".

[quote= Pook]

I'm very much against guns in the hands of anyone not employed by the goverment...


I feel the exact opposite. Have you heard of the Ruby Ridge incident? Not to mention our postal workers!

Back on topic: I've ordered a few things from CheaperthanDirt over the problems with them. Did you know they're now owned by Midway Shooting Supplies?

i agree on supressors. people think they make the gun silent like in the movies LOL

if they ever heard one they would change their mind. they are legal in most states with a tax stamp (if i remember correctly)

sons of guns is making me want a surpressed saiga 12 and internally supressed AK47 (apparently illegal in CT for no real reason.... but i can own an AR using the same caliber upper.... )

surpressors are great tools to save your hearing, allowing you to fire without going COMPLETELY deaf, however, what people dont realize is that the gun is still as loud as a jet engine in some cases.... most of the time its still louder than the sound system in my car.

i guess thats the whole "criminal mentality cause of the way it looks" crap lol

we should continue this thread in the off topic lol

oh yea didnt know they are owned by midway. interesting

just sent back the knives i ordered. hoping the full refund goes through smooth.

Thanks, Match, and right back at ya. :)

That was very well written and I couldn't agree more. Another thing I find very interesting (and frankly, telling) about the NFA is the $200 tax stamp required for the registration of most Class 3 devices. This may not even seem all that unreasonable these days because we have become accustomed to forking over cash for all sorts of things we don't necessarily want or need - often in the name of safety or the common good (and don't get me started on publicly owned toll roads ;)).

But, as you pointed out, the NFA is an old law and if you we do the math, those $200, adjusted for inflation, are starting to look like an entirely different story. According to this website, those seemingly reasonable (and that's the keyword the anti-gun lobby likes to use a lot and for a very good reason - it's because they're smart and by doing so, they imply that they're the voice of reason in a maelstrom of partisan extremism) $200 become $3,286.91 in 2011 dollars. That's three grand for a piece of paper that says you may exercise your inalienable, constitutionally protected right to own a tool. Yeah. That seems reasonable. Not.

And it really goes to show you the true motivation of many who want firearms banned for political reasons (and I'm not talking about Sarah Brady or Carolyn McCarthy, who obviously have their own very personal motivation and even though I vehemently disagree with both of them, I can't say I blame them): it's not about safety. It's about control, while at the same time making sure that there are enough loopholes for the rich or politically connected to own their toys. That's why Robert Blake had a CCW permit in LA, of all places. Obviously, the lowly unwashed masses cannot be trusted with dangerous weapons though. ;)

In essence, the $200 tax was an attempt at prohibition through taxation. This isn't completely unlike the literacy tests designed to keep African-Americans from voting in the 50s and 60s, in that they knew they couldn't get away with an outright ban so they figured they'd just make it as much as a hassle and as expensive as possible to own a Class 3 device.

You shouldn't have a law that arms bears or let people show their bare arms..

Oxy You need to remember to explain what ccw is or people are just reading this and get entirely lost as to what the hell people are talking about ...I assume it's a concealed carry weapon permit ??

I apperciate people being fully educated when handling weapons .. there is nothing worse than some ass**le with a loaded gun in your proximity .I'm a middle of the road guy and probably more appalled by the retard and his right to be a retard and have a weapon .My own view is if you can't kill a guy in a matter of seconds with you're bare hands you're a wuss and need a gun ,go ge mommy to teach you how to shoot infantile moron amigo has a sigsaur he stole from his neice for like 150 bucks and now he's dirty harry .. I've heard 4 times so far that anyone who comes in his house / his moms house /one way.. is going back out another,, feet first .. hmmm . My door is always unlocked day and night .. please feel free to come and start shit .. he hasn't fired it , he's afraid .. he saw slow motion videos of someone shooting and I guess it looked like they almost touched their head as the gun kicked ......he's afraid .. Now, i'm afraid .. on the 4th of july i said go shoot a stump or an old tree in the back yard . I told him the same thing on new years eve ... he's afraid of taking it to the shooting range and shooting it ..he wants to pay someone to mount it to a tripod and hook a string onto the trigger and hide behind a lead sheild and fire it ..this is a brand new sig saur an 800$ gun that hasn't shot 50 rounds ..maybe never been shot ..(this is not a hi -point ) i suggested .. take it to the gun range and stand next to a guy shooting his gun and casually say hey ..What do you think of this gun ?? and ask them if they want to shoot it ....duh ...blam blam blam blam.. huh nice ... nice gun..

my problem is with ... idiots

I do have a few guns .. they are to kill the people who get a hard on over guns .i've said it before ....don't make me have to go up into the book supository.

Back on topic .. I don't think 170 lumens is impressive for 30$ and horribly painful to buy C cell batteries ..Sort of going stone age ..I'll take a solarforce and a xml and an 18650 and idle along at 400 lumens on medium or 170 on low

its for modding Boaz lol