Great holster for AA lights

I've been looking for a decent holster for my C3 stainless lights. I found this Jetbeam holster at Outfitter Country at a great including US shipping was $4.01 (sorry, I don't know how to edit links). The build quality is excellent, very heavy multiple layer Cordura, substantial velcro and snap - this holster should last for many years of heavy use. Comparing a small holster I bought from DX to this is laughable in terms of quality...the snap pulled out on the first use and it wasn't worth repairing. It measures 5" in length and 1.25" in width (125mm x 37mm) approx. A C3 fits loosely but not too loose, just about right - easy to insert and remove, with about 1/2" protruding out of the top.

Holster with C3

Belt loop and snap

Fits just about right

I find some of the pocket knife leather pouches can work well with a flashlight .

Good find!

Good holseter! Also at outfittercountry, the Olight M20 holster. Its easily the best holster Ive ever seen for lights that fit it (P60 size, etc)

Using a knife holster is a great idea!

last time I bought from these guys it came the next day ...almost ...the mailman didn't even get the postage cancelled he took it from one post box and stuck it in mine ..

the postage was more than the item ...I hate that .

thanks for showing me these I need to buy a jetbeam

I just recieved these today ..

they have the name jetbeam on them for a reason

tough as nails ... fits a yezel z1/fandy-fire /tank hc-128 or sipik hk21 copy of it .. perfectly

great find .

I wonder if they are sold out? they seem to be gone from the site now.


I should've ordered some of these.

Outfitter Country itself appears to have gone bye-bye. None of the above links work for me and when I google it none of those links work either. I get a "As a courtesy, your ISP provided this page because "" does not exist or is unavailable." error. Is it working for anyone else?

Welp, it's their DNS that is screwed up. They have no "www" "A" record in their BIND zone. Just go to "" and it works. Add a "www" to it and it doesn't work. As a network guy I really hate to see that shite happen.

don't feel bad .I was trying to buy a bigger quantity of them and the website kept saying .. nope too many ...nope ain't got that many .. nope how about 2 .. they only had a few left when I got there but i did clean them out ..beware of the boaz .. he likes a deal .

now ....time to buy a jetbeam

Ha, I wanted to get another and they sure are gone. I found some available at led warehouse for $3.60 + shipping I know nothing about this company, and the shipping is higher but if you're looking to buy a few, it wouldn't be that bad. The website says they have 9 in stock.

Thanks for all replies! I finally cut-down the flap of a black-n-decker light holster, for mine, to make do. Not anywhere near acceptable, but run-whut-ah-brung...

I'll prolly go with soytnly's find, certainly...

Now, I need to find 3 more classy ones!


73 de KG5JJ