Great price on a very useful flashlight from Lowes*~~1225267~~*~~1122587~~\_–10926682

Hard to pass up this flashlight with the rechargeable lithium battery and charger built in.It also comes with an additional battery carrier that takes standard double a batteries.I picked up 1 last year when they were 29.98 and use it very often. For 6.98 its a steal.I picked up several more today for gifts.

do you know what battery it uses?

Whoah…that’s pretty neat

it says 17.99 for me

My guess would be regional sale price like Homedepot does. I was seeing the $6.98 price with a ton of stock at both the Lowes near me, but now the page seems to be broken.

I just brought one home and gave it a quick once over.

Appears to be an XPE emitter, rotating focus optics, ring of small leds all the way around the white band on the head (six pairs), 2Ah (claimed) LiIon cell with built in charger (slide out US prongs), additional battery pack holds 3 AA cells (double A's not included), swivel head, flexible goose-neck between battery and head can be removed and head connects direct to battery with two included adapters.

Kind of neat focus mechanism is rather stiff to turn, but won't change focus by itself! Changing focus doesn't change outside length, the emitter moves up and down internally. This design isn't good for heat dissipation, but it's only driven with 1 Watt so it'll do.

Four modes: High about 350mA, medium 50% duty cycle of high, ring of leds around the head only - about 220mA, and these same leds in beacon or slow flash. I measured 0.2uA (0.0002mA) off state current! That is probably the most impressive feature!

Magnets on battery case, and yes, they could be stronger as was mentioned. Also a rather weak magnet in the swivel joint of the head which may be designed to hold small magnetic parts during a repair... I'm not sure I would trust it to hold anything securely.

Final verdict: Very little mod potential, though I may try to center the emitter better, but I'll keep it.



Nice find. I bought a couple. One for me and one for my father.

EDIT: Fixed typos.

The batteries are samsung, ICR18650-22F M Samsung SDIEM 5D4A
Sorry no pics. Not to hard to disassemble. 7 small screws and it slides out.

says $6.98 for me, i might have to pick one up.

I already started using mine in my shed. Handy utility light. Was trying to cut something and needed more light from an odd angle. I can tell I will be using this light a lot.

They should sell it with 2 heads since it has 2 battery packs.

The goose neck offers good placement flexibility and the lion battery means it will still have a useable charge when I need it, even if it’s a year later. It’s not the brightest light, but at $6 it’s definitely worth it to have in the garage or even the car. I’m tempted to go get a second one.


Just wanted to update this thread, Got 3 of these and may return for more for gifts.

I pulled off the goose neck and use it in the shorty mode in the garage.
Buy of the year at $6.98

Never tried the 3 AA battery pack and as long as the rechargeable pack works it will not get used.
Look on the Lowes site and search other locations if your local store is out.
HTH some folks

That link shows up at my local store for the same $6.98. My kid would love one of these! Am going that way later this morning, will see if they have one….Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

How many cells are in there?

FT has those for $7.55/pair. If there are at least 2, then it's a great deal just for the batteries alone.