Green C8 vs Green M3. Fiiiiiight!

Something I threw together today, an Ultrafire C8 with SMO and green XP-E and 1.4A single mode generic driver from fasttech.

To my annoyance, the 16mm LED board is like a hot dog down a hallway in the C8 pill. I assume 20mm is the way to go…? Oh well - fasttech said 16mm.

So yeah, fun getting it centred just right and the reflector doesn’t snuggle in between the + and - wires as well as it should.

Left is C8, right is M3.








M3, camera a tad out of focus, my bad :frowning:


I think the C8 will have a slight edge being a bit tighter focused.

I have a red XP-E2 to do, had to make do with thick 10mm boards from Cutter.

We shall see!

sorta makes me want one now seeing yours.
seems pretty bright for being only 1.4 amps.

wonder if i can get one of these on 10mm pad, i would convert one of my sk68’s

dedome the green XP-E and you will get razor sharp beam in C8.
I have red XP-E2 sitting in the gasoline bath for another C8, plan to torture it with 2A :smiley:

Man that is wicked cool. But why is it when I see green light like that I expect zombies to come rounding the corner at any moment?

I just did a gasoline dedome of a red XP-E2 and ended up with nicely dedomed and very dead LED. :frowning:

The red versions:

Solarforce M3 with red XP-E is on the left.



the red is rad, but that green is just sick! im really thinking of getting one made.
have you ever thought of doing a blue one? if so, please post results as well.



I gotta get one!

Is this the C8?

I gather you like discos?

I think 16mm is the right size for SK68’s. 10mm is way too small.

purple would be different…but no, i mean blue? like the ones used for hunting…for blood trails.
they have them now on certain flashlights, with the police strobe.
i guess u can say it has a purplish tint to it though.

That is strange, you must have broken the wires…
On other hand I am pretty unsatisfied with how my gasoline dedoming progresses, I removed silicone dome from all parts except from the phosphor layer which actually produces the light, It is as if the silicone material is glued into the structure of emitter, does not want to separate easily, I would have to do some heavy scraping to clean it off and that is out of the question. I even managed to remove silicone material from under the power wires but that, not so clean surface is poking my eyes
Previously I dedomed older XP-E red/green without any of this issues…

So… Do they make the XP-E in cyan?
That would be the ultimate C8.

That’s the one.

I’m not sure about these - assembling and getting the reflector centred over the LED is a PITA as when you tighten the bezel down the reflector wants to cant and rotate off centre. Very annoying.

I agree, 16mm stars are a PITA. There's more than enough room in a C8 for 20mm stars, even Convoy uses 16mm.

No, but there is a cyan Rebel available. I have a deep red Rebel and I’m happy with that.

The ones I use have a well of around 19.6mm.

Like - why??

Much too big for 16mm, a tad too small for 20mm.


Better to file a star down a bit for a tight fit than flopping around, I guess.

Yeah, but a PITA if you want to build a few at a time.