Greetings from BC!

I decided that this would be the year that I got a “decent” UV light to study rocks and mosses. I found myself using this forum for information. I have an Eagletac DX30 with side light in 365nm UV - but that’s mostly for checking motel rooms. Here, there is a huge disconnect between ordering something - and actually receiving it, perhaps months later. Initially I ordered a Convoy S2, but despite being through Amazon, it’s slowly wending its way from China. Watching YT videos about UV, I noticed the uvBeast and so I ordered one through Amazon.US - and it should be here this week. I tried to order directly, but they immediately got back an told me to order through Amazon.Of real importance is that here I heard about the Convoy C8 and so one of those is coming from China. And I have a UV pass-through filter for the S2 coming from China.
I guess I will learn about total cost of each way of doing things, and duty. I once ordered “free” videotapes of rifle stock constructions, and when they arrived here was charged 1c duty on each of 7 - but with 7x$5 post office fees for processing such duty…
I just want to be prepared for our usual two week “heat wave” when I go live (close) by the ocean under my mosquito net.

In the midst of the above I hit a link to lanterns and perhaps a perfect one. With a link to Sofirn page and shipping within Canada. Essentially I read about the work done here (night and day), ordered one and then have been marvelling over it ever since it arrived. The site issues persist and I’m probably going to be emailing again to make sure I get more lanterns for family. I ordered an SC21 with my lantern to take advantage of postage. The main problem with the SC21 is accidentally turning on. Then I realized that I did the quarter turn lockout with all EDC - whether they need it or not.
I hope that everyone sees the value in my illustrating the problems here. I’ve lived here for almost half a century so obviously I treasure the advantages, too!

I hope you have fun here, OldJim!

You better believe it. Well a lantern with a learning curve, how could that be? In a month or so I might have some questions…