Greetings from Pennsylvania!

Just wanted to say hello! I found this forum yesterday and it's already my favorite torch forum. Been into torches heavily for a year or two now but never delved to heavily into the forums like I do for my other hobbies. Usually I'm on the DX forums until now. Never cared for the CPF site much even though there is great info to be found. Like most of you I'm pretty tight with my money and while not shy to spending hard earned cash on a new torch or components, I simply hate spending more than necessary to get the job done when I have yet to see an expensive torch that couldn't be matched or bettered by an inexpensive torch. And besides, most of the fun is doing it yourself!!

Gotta run now. Time to head home from work. Will be here often in the future!


Welcome to BLF Johnny! enjoy your stay here.

That pretty much sums up most people opinions of CPF, there's so much good information on it shame it's hidden behind a veil of evil :P

Welcome to BLF! :)

Welcome to the forum JohnnyMac. It's a fun & friendly place to hang out. (no chance you're THE johnnymac tennis player?)

Welcome to BLF JohnnyMac! If you're posting from work you must be as obsessed as I am.

Welcome to BLF JohnnyMac!

Welcome! Where in Pa.? I'm central, near Lewisburg. (where the bighouse is)


We're glad to have you here JohnnyMac! Thanks for joining, please enjoy yourself here.


The real JohnnyMac could've used a good light in his heyday. Apparently everyone except him was blind back then.

Warm welcome to you.

..Named after a hero of mine ..

A warm welcome to BLF. :)

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm really impressed by the friendliness in this little global community you have all formed. I'm honored to be a part of it!

No, I'm not the famous tennis player...LOL!

I hail from the East end in Allentown. I may have to head that way with my old lady one day on the bike. Looks like fine riding country between here and there.

Aloha and to BLF JohnnyMac!

Hello and welcome to BLF

Welcome to BLF Johnny

Hi there, welcome.

It's been a month now and I feel right at home. You guys are great!!

Group hug!!! **hugs**


You know this was coming from me.