Greetings from Romania!

Hello mates!

My name is Mugur and I live in Romania, Bucharest. I became a flashaholic just 2 months ago but in the meanwhile I've learned a lot about torches (especially led ones). I have to admit that BLF was my guru in my struggle with flashlights knowledge, so I have decided to "upgrade" my visitor status to a member

To make a long story shorter, until two months ago I was a "free of flashlight" person, but currently I am an addicted one. As you can see in pics bellow, my little collection consists in:

- Fenix PD35

- Nitecore P16

- Nitecore SRT7

- Armytek Predator Pro (CW)

- Armytek Barracuda(CW)

- Nywalker Vostro BK-FA02

- Fenix RC40

The next two photos show how Barracuda&Predator work during 30 min of submersion in turbo mode:

Next week I will acquire X6 Marauder (order is on way).

LE: Charger is a Nitecore Intellicharger I4 and batteries are Panasonic NCR18650B, 3.400 mAh, protected.

Welcome to BLF, Mugur! :party:

Welcome, and it looks like you have a nice start on your flashlight addiction!

Welcome Mugur! :)

the people around here are great…hope your stay is a long one…

I know! I also like to read CPF, but I've preferred to make my account&home here. Dunno why, just feeling...

Thanks for the warm welcome

:0 The reading must be done more extensively at CPF if one would have to take a guess based on the flashlights you own.

RICHTIG! Romanian girlz are also torches errr... in their way - warm tint, hot surface, strong bezels and a lot of PWM. But getting plenty lumens in our life. Life begins after dark

Are you being naughty again?

Welcome to BLF AbbyY! I hope you have fun here.

I must say that if I had such a collection then I might have been cured of the bug.... Naahh! ;-)

And don't mind the Kreisl thing. He's a joker.

I like jokes! This is why I am here. Life without jokes would be boring. We will have an eternity to get bored... after dark, but not in this life because we all have flashlights

LOL, about Kreisler I think he is a lovely and sensible person who is playing as a... herrenmensch

Welcome to BLF! Enjoy your stay.


It's a pleasure to have you onboard, AbbyY!