grins O.L. 2019 contest entry machine made

Wow. Super cool. Looks like it’s coming right along.

Thanks, its a bit rough but the battery tube internals are done.


Woohoo battery tube is done except for something that I have problems with, square threads made some convoy tubes once havent been able to get it right since.
Cutting thread on the toob

Turning battery cap

Now its beerOclock thanks to everyone involved, cheers

lathes are fun. Looks like a good time :slight_smile:

Looking good grin. Nice work on the threads. What pitch are you using?

Im watching this one closely. Thanks for sharing and I hope all goes well!

1.25mm pitch probably should have used 1mm, that is what most commercial lights use on battery tubes.

Coming along nicely! :beer:

Nice project, grin! Looks good sofar!

Wow ! Great build ! And Good job documenting with clear pictures and explaining. :+1:
Are you a Machinist by trade ? I like the 1.25 pitch better, cross-threading is less likely.

Nice work :+1:

I know who Im pulling for this round!

Nice work so far! I would have never thought a serious machinist would trust a bit extension like that. I thought that was just for us janky folks! :open_mouth: But it seems to have worked really well, and the tri-bore looks good from my house! :smiley: :+1:

Use any technique that works :+1:

nice work! :+1:

Nice work and documentation :+1:

I think it was a good choice on thread size.

Almost finished. :slight_smile: