grins O.L. 2019 contest entry machine made

I have been wanting to have a go at something like Old Lumens build but smaller i dont have all the reflectors yet.but I do have
MT09 driver
21700 batteries for 2s3p
xhp70.2 6500k with 32mm MCPCB
1 reflector D=65mm x 63mm
BLF GT lens

:beer: :+1:

Wow, MT09R on steroids? Way cool. :+1:

Now THAT is a heatsink lol! Can’t wait to see how it all comes along! :+1:

Wow! This looks promising. :smiling_imp:

Nice, I love seeing the raw materials laid out. :+1:


This looks like one to watch!
What’s the reflector from?

+1 . Nice start

You chose wisely. :+1: This is a Home Run. You have our ears up ! :slight_smile:

Cheers will be interesting to see how it turns out. When i say plan it really means I buy the parts and materials then work out how they go together. Kaidomain reflectors I chose these because they will be a close fit for the GT lens but I will have to take the thread off the top to get them to fit properly.

This will be a true Monster light. Whats the reflectors your using?

Cool another Aussie, What part of the Hunter are you from? My girlfriends parents live around Morriset on lake mac.

Could not make up my mind with reflectors so i ended up buying a few different ones. At first i was thinking xhp35 with a smaller reflector, then thought osram and a little bigger, then i thought about bigger ones with sbt-90 but they were expensive and didnt want to screw up. In the end i took the middle ground and went with 64.5mm kaidomain reflectors for a test run. I will probably build the smaller reflector before i cut the ones i want to use although i have 5 on order. These are the one i have

But i will use these they are nice size for the BLF GT lens

Im in Cessnock wine country

Today was a work picnic day. I am waiting for more reflectors so I started the battery tube. First thing was to extend a drill bit.

Seems to work ok 1 down 2 to go. Hopefully the other end looks ok.

Nice start. What lathe do you have?

Hafco AL320 haha i had no idea what i was doing when I got it and i have done a bit of damage to it. Should have got one with an enclosed gearbox it is a pain changing gears. In the new year I will get a new one this one i will keep for roughing out, cleaning up welds as i do a fair bit of work with stainless.
I got the battery tube drilled will need a bit of file work and sanding and i only had one f#%/$up. Not as clean as some i have seen :wink: but not bad for first go with a 4 jaw chuck.

I have samsung 40ts but there is no nipple for series so i made the tube long enough for Acebeam 21700. should i buy another 3 acebeam or use magnets on the 40Ts? 40Ts will give me 105amp the Acebeams 60amp.

Add a blob of solder to the positive terminal of each 40T. Cheap, safe, low-resistance solution. If you fancy you may solder some better buttons but this is good enough.

Battery contact