Old Lumens Flashlight Challenge 2019 - Final Results

8 Rings? Hum…4 per each hand, living the middle fingers for….the Carbon Fiber :smiley:

It surely is a precious light you’ve got there :person_with_crown:

Late entry. Let’s see how far I can get.


Too everyone I say good luck there has been some every good entries.
:+1: thanks and I’ll be bark next year

Mines also done!

Only thing i would change is the button i might make it shorter by a few mm maybe but then normal people can’t work out what it does lol.

A big shout out and Thanks to all the organizers.

Well done for completing your builds :THUMBS-UP:

The Seventh BLF/ Old Lumens contest is now finished.

Judging has started and we hope to release the results within two weeks.

Here are some select summary images from each of the build threads of the finished contest lights to make it a little easier to keep track of who made what, plus have an encompassing idea of the finished builds together but please do go to the named linked threads for full details of each persons fantastic efforts in this years competition.

Some videos have commentary so clicking the GIF should link to the contestants full video.

Thanks, - CRX -

Listed in original category and alphabetical order to keep things fair as can be.

The Hand Made Category Finished Builds:



The Machine Made Category Finished Builds:











The Modified Light Category Finished Builds:



Flashy Mike










The Whispering



AWESOME summary, CRX. :beer: I was planning on going through all of the build threads one-by-one (again). But having this all in one place saved a bunch of time and made it quicker to see which threads I wanted to go read in more detail.

Excellent work, everyone!

You’re putting in a super effort CRX :star: thank you sir :beer:

That’s a very very nice perspective of the works done in this year’s OL Contest :wink:
Thanks for putting them together CRX :face_with_monocle: and congrats to everyone that entered and made this contest a very good reason to be part of this community :+1:

Finished my modified light, called it Matainlight ML18S. Added a build video as well.

Yes, the contest came together nicely. Congrats to all the coordinators and builders :beer:

That thing looks spectacular, Skylight!

Can a participant changed their project?
I didn’t finish my entry but instead working on another mod (and finished).

I sometimes hate this mood swing thing :person_facepalming:

CRX is the man :+1:

You can change anything you want about your build & contest thread as long as any edits are made before the deadline and the work was done within the specified contest dates.

Thanks CRX :+1:

I would like to repeal my previous entry and submit a new entry for Modified Light category.

Thank you.


The others have said it better than I can.
Thanks CRX. :beer:

Thank you, gchart. I’m proud that it works and I managed to finish in time.

Thank you CRX for the impressive summary. :+1:

You are the master :person_with_crown: of setting up pictures to arrays to make them look consistent in style and professional. The GIFs are cool, too. :sunglasses: